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NWP Global Registry of Apprentice Ecologists - Yalwawa Bypass, Yalwawa Gidawn Koper, Dutse, Jigawa, Nigeria

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Yalwawa Bypass, Yalwawa Gidawn Koper, Dutse, Jigawa, Nigeria
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The place have well water tank, refuse disposal and open drainage line for waste water and the waste water settles at a place near the well water tank, in all, there is no little distance between the three of them at all and people leave near.
At the end of the one house by the left was the well water tank that people still make use of, by the right was a gutter for the open drainage system and in between them was the scattered refuse disposal. The refuses now littered themselves round the environment, some enter inside the well water, some in the waste water while some littered along the road, and everywhere was messed up and with very bad air pollution.
First, the place I clean-up was yalwawa gidan koper, I feel they can easily be changed because they are all learned and can easily be transformed. At that place the well water and the waste water gutter are directly opposite and some people intentionally drop refuse inside the well water and also pass excreta by the side, so I believe they can control all these easily without much sensitization because it is a matter of conscience.
I saw that people still make use of the water from that well, while the whole place was very irritating and smelling, the passage of turned to something else, not good for the passage of cars motor-cycles. And we buy water from meruwas without knowing where they fetch the water; we use them without primary treatment.
I have the feeling that Ďmeruwasí also use that well also. Apart from that, those people living in that environment, because the environment is polluted there no fresh ventilation anymore. And if they are infected in one way or the other it may affect me, and there are many means of disease transmission, even through eye contact.
So I chose there because I fell, I have not seen any other place worst than that place and also there is source of water supply there that people do consume, that is the primary reason why I decide to face that challenge there and any other place.

i) How I carried out my awareness campaign.
I waited till in the evening when I was sure that everybody will be at home, so I started going house by house telling them what I wanted to do and how and when I plaited to carry it out, I also tell them about what I requested from the environmental agency, that is only their effort and co-operation that I will need most. I also let them know the hazardous effect of such an environment to health and long life, so I let them know it is not conducive and sustainable. I also talk to them how they can manage it after the for coming sanitation.
ii) When I carried out my awareness campaign
I did it in the evening of Friday that first day of July 2011, when I felt that everybody may be at home.
iii) My targeted group of people for sensitization.
I was targeting to meet the grown-up or elderly ones once they might have came back from their daily activities, because I fell they can understand and follow me up with the sanitation and control, and also help in talking to the younger ones to help and contribute in all angle. So I met not less than 3 to 4 person in each house for up to 9 houses that I entered that day, then I asked them to help me pass the information across.
iv) Summary of the talks
I first introduced myself, then tell them about the project, I recalled to them how their environment was, the shame it broth to people around, the hazardous effect to health through smell, flies and also passing through them or contact with the body etc.
They all responds very well and even told me, they have been dreaming of this for long and that they really appreciate it and also said they must come out on the day of sanitation. Then I thank them and left.

i) How I carried out the sanitation.
I started by going back to those houses that I sensitized to let them know that I have come for the clean-up, of which I met some of them while others have gone to fellowship and some were preparing to leave when I came, but those at home really cooperated.
So we started the clean-up by clearing refuses that block the gutter from going out and made way for it instead of been stagnant. We went on gathering other refuse that litter the whole environment even by erosion and assembled them at a place where I know erosion will not carry them in case there is a down pure before Jigawa State Environmental Pollution Agency (JISEPA) will come and carry them. After that we used sand to fill some of the places that have been turned to water logged by their drainage lines and the movement of cars and motor-cycles, thereby preventing the passage of vehicles etc, and then everywhere was neat and nice.
Later I went back to burn the less dense materials when I noticed that after the heavy downfall that day some of them have littered back by winds, so I gathered them back and set fire for them to burn, but there was no camera to snap the burning the next day.
ii) When I carried out the sanitation.
It was done on the 8th of July 2011. For the fact that I met them at home in the evening on the day of awareness campaign, I felt they will all be at home that day so I went back again in the evening thinking that they might all be back from work. But when I reached some have gone out and some are ready to leave, that could not discourage me but then the people at home was able to cooperate very well because they knew it have already been scheduled on that day as they promised. Some suggested we leave it till the next day but I refuse that because I have already promised to return the working materials I collected that day by 6pm, as I insisted they have to support me in the clean-up because they have seen that I can do it alone, and their conscience will not let them to leave only me. So everything was done on that 8th of July.
iii) The number of people that contributed/joined me.
The number of people really depends on the number of working materials that I came with, of which we looked for more working material around but could found none, so some of them have to go back because of lack of tools, but my picture have to capture only but 5 and we were more than that contributed and more than that also were interested.
iv) The challenges that I faced while carrying out this project.
Are as follow-
- The first was the discouragement, which many people have gone for bible study.
- The postponement, but I refused.
- Lack of littering bin by JISEPA.
- Lack of working materials.
- Heavy down pure.
- Lack of drainage system.
- Carelessness etc.

v) The summary of how I did the project with some helping hands.
After alerting them that I have come for the sanitation, I went and started somewhere; in a short time they were able to join me. But I decided to let them know that I have much interest in keeping that place the way I want by working for a long time before releasing the material that I was using for someone else to help me. But after I stayed for a short time and gather little strength ,I went and collected from another person and continued to let them know that only a person can do the work, if others refuse to cooperate, and do it more perfect.
When we gathered them at a place for JISEPA come and pack them.
From the way I was doing the work, someone saw how well and perfect I was doing it, he was asking me if I use to do farm work. Even if I donít I believe I learnt it during my secondary school and they taught us that very well during our manual labor every Thursday then, we use to do farm work, with hole and shovel/spade, how to cut grasses with cutlass and how to gather dustbin/refuse disposal with rakes, stick and so on. So I believe I have much experience, even as I have grown and pass through most of things I suppose to know how to do the work very well, it doesnít matter whether I does farm work or not. If you decide to do something you can do it, it only need determination. So they saw my effort and encouraged me very well by helping me to accomplish my project.
Although I can accomplish it personally without their effort, for the fact I was trained to be hard work and do whatever am doing with my effort to make it perfect because I may not know where I will find myself in the future. So I made use of spade, rake and even stick to make sure I was not idol, I believe if I should sit down and watch them do the work it will not be encouraging and they will not learn anything from it. That means I will still come back and repeat it or help them again in supervision, because that place will still be messed up and no one to come out and clear it because there not no surprise to will stare up their conscience to take precaution and to work on it, if it is messed up again.
i) The plans I have, to ensure the sustainability of this my project.
They were complaining that they have looked for where they can borrow rake and shovel to clear that place but there was not. That was why I saw it that way. Unfortunately no-one was able to help and buy those things they need, it was very shameful to them around but they donít care, they believe as they packed in and saw it that way, one day that can also pack out for the fact they were not the first to leave there, the place was already messed up. But they donít think about the harm they will cause themselves the short time they have to stay there.
So my plans are:
&#8594; To request if MDGS will help in providing those materials for them and share for each house around there.
&#8594; To do the clean-up the second time and see if they will change their mind and work on their conscience or even see if they will ask themselves and buy what they need.
&#8594; Create a drainage system and litter bin for them as an MDGS personal project.
&#8594; Let them know how to be health conscious by ensure more sensitization or awareness campaign, on how they should keep their environment neat not been part of the litter lout, and that dirtiness is the main source of sickness/ill heath etc.
ii) How this project have helped/benefit the community and the environment.
I believe they were very much impressed about this project because the place is now a little beat conducive for them and they can now have the full mind to go and fetch water from the well water tank and use for cooking if not drinking. But I donít advice them to drink that water rather use it for bathing and washing. I believe they can now come outside and sit down to receive fresh air because the place is now neat to some extent.
Now vehicles and motor-cycles can pass without obstructions and one can also see where to put leg in case there is rainfall and floods unlike before. For these little reasons I believe they have benefitted a little and also I think the road will be ok by the time another clean-up will be done there again.
iii) How this project had helped to enrich my life and what it had inspired me to do in the future.
&#8594; First I believe it had helped me in knowing some people and also making friends.
&#8594; It had made me to have a kind of respect from them.
&#8594; I can now feel comfortable passing through that road.
&#8594; It have motivated me to do more than this in future and now I am thinking of more to do.
&#8594; I can feel happy seeing them sitting down outside for fresh air.
the littering is not really done by man rather winds and also believes there are some litter louts around.
So I will recommend that the government agencies mostly JISEPA should provide litter bin for them although it will be hard to control, and also provide for them some necessary material for clean-up, I can see nobody can volunteer to buy any among them
I also recommend that we individual and community in general should know what to do and do them for our own health and good living .Let us have a selophin bag that we will be packing our dirties to dispose when gathered much make sure we find the selophin bag before throwing into the litter bin.
Also for us individual to devote ourselves in keeping our environment clean all the time, that is the secret of good living. Thanks very much for your maximum co-operation.
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October 11, 2011 7:16am

This project gives me encouragement and fills my heart with joy. I believe that this will increase the effort of many people towards the conservation of the environment.