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Nicodemus Wilderness Project

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Educating by example, inspiring conservation leadership among our youth, and preserving Earth’s essential biodiversity and ecosystems is the mission of the Nicodemus Wilderness Project and our youth environmental program, the Apprentice Ecologist Initiative™. This service-learning program provides scholarships for undergraduates and engages youth volunteers, including those who are at-risk and disadvantaged, in environmental stewardship projects which include beach, river and mountain trash clean-ups, wildlife habitat and trail restoration, native tree planting, community recycling programs and invasive plant removal. Discover how our work to restore the natural beauty and function of desert and tropical ecosystems worldwide is making a difference to youth, wildlife, and our environment by viewing recent Apprentice Ecologist Projects.

"The Apprentice Ecologist Initiative projects have greatly contributed to the environmental sustainability of communities throughout the United States and the world. My Apprentice Ecologist Initiative project has allowed me to connect with dozens of other students who share my passion for the environment. During the course of the project, I have also developed leadership, public speaking, and networking skills that will be crucial to my future as an environmental advocate. We have to realize that our survival and success depends on the well-being of the environment. Thus, we must become active stewards of the environment."
-- Darlene -- Winner of the 2013 Apprentice Ecologist Awards

Apprentice Ecologist Results: Current as of May 23, 2015

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