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Make a Difference Day
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The concept of Make a Difference Day is simple: Gather together lots and lots of volunteers from numerous companies, organizations, and groups and let them work together for a day with local nonprofit organizations to make a collective difference in their communities. The Nicodemus Wilderness Project has been involved with Make a Difference Day since 2000 and we have been fortunate in receiving the help of thousands of volunteers on our trail cleanup and restoration activities. What makes this event so special is that it appeals to a wide variety of people of all races and ages. We all work together for a day to do something that really needs to get done.

As an active leader of Make a Difference Day, the Nicodemus Wilderness Project has actively engaged the community in an experiment of volunteer participation. The importance of our event isn't so much where it is conducted but that it makes a real difference in one place. All the volunteers that take part in the event can not only relate to the project as being their own but can also take pride in returning to the area and telling someone "I helped to do this!" This community outreach and support is the cornerstone philosophy of the Nicodemus Wilderness Project and we would like YOU to join us for our next event!! Events like Make a Difference Day are great fun not only for the work that gets done but also for the sense of community pride and belonging that they foster.

The focus of the Nicodemus Wilderness Project during Make a Difference Day has been to educate the community about the importance of being good stewards of the land by working together on conservation projects. Some of the many projects that we have completed include litter removal, trail restoration, graffiti removal, soil erosion prevention, shortcut trail closure, and drainage control.