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NWP Global Registry of Apprentice Ecologists - Ridgway, Colorado, USA

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Ridgway, Colorado, USA


Registered: December 2008
City/Town/Province: Ouray
Posts: 1
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On my journey to achieve Eagle Scout, I administered a community service project from scratch. I wanted to help the community with its seasonal mosquito infestation. I have always been conscious of the environment; therefore I needed an environmentally friendly solution that was beneficial to the community: as well as sustainable. After contemplating numerous ideas, I devised the perfect approach: bats. I decided to construct several bat houses and mount them around our rural town. In order to do this, I had to research everything I could about local bats, their behavior and habitual requisites. Once I knew how to have the best chances of attracting bats to the houses, I arranged a proposal presentation at the upcoming Town Council meeting. Once I had the Town’s approval, I set out to solicit donations and materials. I worked with the Town Manager, Greg Clifton, throughout this project and he arranged for the town to purchase any materials that were not donated. Once I obtained the supplies, I coordinated several appointments with my fellow Boy Scouts to construct and paint the bat houses; once they were completed, I worked with a Town Management employee, Danny Powers, to mount the houses around the town and in the parks. Once the houses were set up, I presented before the Town Council once again to convey my progress and conclusion.
This project is one of my paramount endeavors I have undertaken in my lifetime. There is a plethora of lessons and principles I learned from the numerous accomplishments achieved throughout the service project, including many skills and responsibilities that I had not practiced or even experienced before this undertaking. Carrying out this service to my community greatly benefited both me and the town in a number of ways. The town profited with saving expenses otherwise spent on noxious insecticides and also gained a new appeal by erecting notices in the parks explaining the bat houses’ functions and advantages. I learned and honed many skills during the project that I essential in my life today. I have learned to present and communicate professionally, coordinate events effectively, and, most importantly, lead and put forth the effort to make a difference.
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Hours Volunteered: 179
Volunteers: 12
Authors Age & Age Range of Volunteers: 13 to 70
Area Restored for Native Wildlife (hectares): 320
Trash Removed/Recycled from Environment (kg): 50
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