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NWP Global Registry of Apprentice Ecologists - Clearwater, Dunedin, Florida, USA

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Clearwater, Dunedin, Florida, USA
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Registered: December 2013
City/Town/Province: Dunedin, Florida
Posts: 1
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Most people would think by doing environmental work you are helping impact your community and the world around you. For me, environmental projects have benefited my life in more ways than I could ever impact anyone else’s. This endeavor has strengthened my character, my leadership skills, and made me overall a more well-rounded and experienced person.
The longing to help others and be a part of good causes has been instilled in me since I was young. Growing up in Florida, my single parent dad and I enjoy going to the beach together. This was a fun, inexpensive hobby we can do together. I enjoy the ocean and the creatures it is home to. When I heard about the oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico, where I live, I was devastated for the animals that lived there and wanted to do something to help. At thirteen, I started making environmentally sound jewelry and selling it to raise money for the clean-up in the Gulf. My turtle bracelets are made of bamboo, tiger nasa shells, polymer clay, and wood. I took special care in choosing materials that are compost able and biodegradable with concern for the environment.
After setting out to promote my product for charity, I was overwhelmed at how many people and business owners wanted to help me with my cause. Within a few months I was selling my jewelry in several shops, art galleries, and websites. Throughout the process, I also sharpened my business and marketing skills and learned a lot about being resourceful and determined.
A few years ago I was asked by the Sea Turtle Conservancy in Gainesville, Florida to volunteer with their youth program that aims to help sea turtles. Through them I learned about the type of work it takes to protect and take care of the endangered sea turtle. Wanting to bring this type of environmental work closer to home, I decided to organize a beach clean-up with the city to get the community involved in making Clearwater beach, where I live, cleaner and safe.
This year, 2013, as a junior in high school, I continued to raise money for turtle preservation. I chose to bring awareness to sea turtles since several of their nests are damaged each year and their habitats need to be protected. Sea turtles are in danger of going extinct due to natural and human threats. Unsustainable hunting, poor water quality, boat strikes, marine debris, fishing activities, and tourist souvenirs are among the many reasons why turtles are endangered. Turtles are hunted and sold for their shells. Pollution and boating are harmful to turtles as well . I chose the charity Turtles for Tomorrow because they conduct research to help reduce threats that turtles face. Some of their projects include nest monitoring and turtle tracking. They also work to inform the community about endangered ocean wildlife. Their efforts are what will preserve the world’s wildlife and natural resources.
This apprentice ecologist initiative helped me bring attention to animal preservation and raise money for the charities I believe in. I realize I probably will not be able to afford to go to college without scholarships or loans, and hope that you would consider me for this scholarship. On average, for the past five years, I have worked approximately fifteen hours a week on this enterprise. Inspired by the work The Sea Turtle Foundation does to benefit turtles and their habitat, I am excited to one day do similar work professionally . I am encouraged to continue raising money so I can further my efforts of helping save sea turtles. A goal I have is to buy more tracking devices and tags for sea turtles so conservations can monitor their progress and lifestyle. I work hard in school and maintain almost a 4.0. My goal after I graduate in 2015 is to attend a university that specializes in my major. I want to get a degree in environmental sciences and pursue my dreams of helping to protect the environment and it’s inhabitants. This is my passion.
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