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NWP Global Registry of Apprentice Ecologists - Glenmere Park, Greeley, Colorado, USA

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Glenmere Park, Greeley, Colorado, USA
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Registered: November 2011
Posts: 1
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As a class group, we went to our local park to pick up trash and make it safe to play on. When we got to the park snow was covering everything so that was our first area of concern. We used what ever we had available to clean the snow off the park. Since we live in Colorado, we know that it is possible to go outside and play almost every day of the year. We wanted to make sure that we removed all the snow so that the surfaces were dry and safe for children to play on. After we removed the snow we went around the entire park and cleaned up any trash that we saw. Since it was right after Halloween, there were a lot of candy wrappers that were on the ground. We also removed various items that would be a hazard not only to children playing but also the environment. This was a really fun experience for us as a group because we were able to pick up and the park and give back to our community. For a brief moment we were all kids again playing our favorite childhood games.
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