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NWP Global Registry of Apprentice Ecologists - Harleysville, Pennsylvania, USA

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Harleysville, Pennsylvania, USA
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Registered: June 2011
City/Town/Province: Harleysville
Posts: 1
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For my project, I chose to volunteer at a local rescue, non-kill animal shelter. There are so many homeless animals in my area. The shelter helps these animals who are wandering the streets from getting killed. As Americans, we should be concerned about the homeless animal problem. The specific shelter I volunteer at houses cats, rabbits, birds, and small farm animals. The difference between this shelter and others is that they do not kill the animals if they don't get adopted, get sick, or something along those lines. Many people are not familiar with the problem about shelters that put down animals when there is no more room. Also, many people are not educated on puppy and kitten mills as well as breeders. There are so many shelters, which house so many pets that need homes. But still, breeders and pet store owners support breeding pets and selling the offspring in order to make money. This is clearly and morally wrong. As a volunteer, I get asked about what I do often. This s the perfect opportunity to educate them about animals, shelters, breeders, and the environment. It is my goal to spread word and recommend adopting companion and farm animals from shelters rather than breeders. Since I have talked to many people about this, I have faced both of the extremes of their possible responses. Some people take the information with passion, and they act upon it. But, others refuse to believe it. I have been in many arguments with people on many modern environment issues, but sometimes there is a point where you have to walk away. This step back does not reduce my level of confidence and passion. I plan to continue volunteering and educating others. In fact, I will be a sophomore in high school this September and I plan on joining every environmental and volunteering club that is offered. I even have ideas on establishing a student-run club! My dream in life is to make a difference in the world in any way. I believe that this should be everyone's dream because you can always have something to motivate you. My specific goal to change the world is to work to improve the environment from its rapid change. I also want to study animals and become a veterinarian. I want to make discoveries that can greatly affect the world of modern veterinary medicine and care. Although I am only 15, I am already at work for reaching my dreams.
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