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NWP Global Registry of Apprentice Ecologists - Ranfin Sanyin, Akinmi Road, Dutse, Jigawa State, Nigeria

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Ranfin Sanyin, Akinmi Road, Dutse, Jigawa State, Nigeria
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Registered: August 2011
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The site I worked-on is located along Ranfin Sanyi Akinmi Road in Dutse the area of the Mai Unguwa.
The environmental problems of the site are waste disposal problem, water pollution problem, air pollution problem and soil erosion problem. The itemized problems has generated various effects on the environment such as dirty environment, contaminated water, epidemic diseases and soil erosion due to improper waste disposal that drawn my attention to the area.
The environmental sensitization was carried out on the 1st of July 2011 at Freedom FM Radio Dutse with the NYSC/MDGs group president and one other volunteer.
Another sensitization was carried out in Ranfin Sanyi from compound to compound with the residents and in El-Saddai international school with the students in jss1 & jss2 about the need and ways to ensure environmental sustainability and date of the environmental sanitation. Their responses was chosen the sanitation date on the 8th July 2011.
The environmental sanitation was carried out date on the 8th Friday and 9th Saturday July 2011,because of few person available on Friday, that is four(4)persons and Saturday was six(6)persons including the Mai Unguwa.
The challenges on the project are, low turn-up of the residents for the two(2)days of the clean-up exercise, lack of working materials, JISEPA effort toward environmental sanitation for not disposing refuse for over two(2)weeks from the bins, and lack of waste bin in the area that lead to improper waste disposal.
In order to ensure sustainability, I plan to monitor the area, I meet with the councilor of the ward and discuss with JISEPA for them to discharge their duties effectively ,I also meet with DCDA to design a well channel drainage network system in Dutse for them.
The project drawn the attention of JISEPA to disposed all waste from the bins on the next day after the clean-up exercise.
To address the problems of environmental sanitation in other to ensure sustainability in Dutse, the following recommendations are made base on the finding.
i. Public awareness Campaign. The solution to the problem of sustainability in the town still lies largely on the planning institution and environmental protection Agency. These institutions need to intensify publicity of its activities, sensitizing the public towards environmental sanitation per month.
ii. Capacity building: The Board has to build its capacity to perform by adequate staffing, finding and equipment. At all times, it should be realized that the livability of Urban centres lies largely on the efficiency of development control. Capacity building will involves staff training and-training and networking with all stakeholders in Urban development.
iii. Provision of more waste bin and council should discourage the linkage of water outlet to the drainage and road.
iv. All dead animals should be buried to prevent air pollution.
v. Preservation and consideration of trees and other plants
vi. Industries rules should be followed in locating industries
vii. Drainage network system should be constructed to reduce soil erosion
viii. There should be rules and regulation guiding the operation of record sellers especially in residential areas.
ix. Federal Government protection Agency (FEPA) and State Environmental protection Agency (SEPA) laws should be enforced by government.

In conclusion, it has been shown that adherence to environmental sanitation and development control in the study area is weak. Environmental problems requires a lot of money to solve, sanitation and management must be the highest priority (Implementation and monitoring ).
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Authors Age & Age Range of Volunteers: 27 & 27 to 30
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