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NWP Global Registry of Apprentice Ecologists - Washington Bridge, Patterson, New Jersey, USA

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Washington Bridge, Patterson, New Jersey, USA
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Registered: November 2010
City/Town/Province: Detroit
Posts: 4
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Pollution is one of the many factors that is killing our planets. Pollutions come from factories, fires, and gas. Factories use up too much gas and fuel to operate. During the usage, millions and millions of pounds of gas is emitted to the air that causes pollution. Fires such as forest fires, release harmful gases like CO2 in the air so bad that it can create a leak in the ozone layer, which consists of O2 necessary for all living things in this planet. Another thing similar to this situation is wars and bombings. Bombs release many strong and powerful gases that leads to a hole in the atmosphere, which lets the sun's harmful UV rays get into the planet and affect its weather pattern and plant life. Gases like that are very harmful to our planet and takes over oxygen, which is needed. They also come from car gas. This country have become so industrialized and modernized that almost everything uses up fuel or gas. Cars take up gallons and gallons of gas that emit while driving. The gas consists of harmful substances such as CO2, hurts our plants and atmosphere, leading to bad air pollution. This pollution gets worse and worse everyday, which can weaken our atmosphere, and that can kill us all. These gases can also cause severe damages to our animal and plant life. They can also have a bad affect on our health. Allergies and lung diseases can occur from pollution. Allergies are harmless environmental substances known as allergens. They can be caused by means of things. They can be dust, air, pollution, certain smell, and even certain types of food or ingredients in foods. Sneezing is a part of allergies in that the body would allow the nose to sneeze in order to clear the system out of allergens. Sneezing can include of running nose and watery eyes, often leading to headaches. Sometimes people's allergy can act up bad when they are around pollution. Allergy symptoms can be itchy eyes/throat/nose, watery eyes and nose, and even severe allergies such as affecting the lungs. Lung diseases can be blocked airways, secondhand smoking effect, or lung cancer. Lungs are the airways that lets O2 in and CO2 out, so if lungs get badly infected, it can stop breathing and kill a person.
Pollution also can cause weather changes, which becomes more harmful to plants and animal. Seasonal allergies come from the changes of the season which causes people to get sick often. The most common illnesses related to season are in the summer, sneezing, headache, itchy eyes, or even watery eyes, that is because the hot temperature causes the eyes to burn up and get dry, so the bodyís natural way to relieve it is through releasing water so moist it up, but that can be harmful because it can cause eyes to get red or pink. In fall season, the common illnesses are flu, cough, and maybe fever because of the temperature slowly dropping. In winter season, people may endure infections, flu, coughing, fever, sneezing, aches and many more serious illnesses due to the cold and low temperature that causes the body to react in the most dangerous ways to keep itself warm. Lastly, in spring, the common illnesses can be any type or none at all because of the mixture of the temperature. Spring tends to fall between cold and hot temperature, thus causing our body to stay healthy, unless a person has weak immune system. Allergies, on the other hand, can occur in any season due to rapid changes in the weather patterns or continuous changes. That happens because our body needs time to adjust to changes and if canít in time before invading substances attack, the body can become ill.
So many things can be harmed in the making of air pollution. Sometimes even wastes and garbage cause air pollution that can also be dangerous. But out of all, car gas is the most dangerous because billions of cars are being used every minute, which all can gather together can cause a severe damage to us and our planet. The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, consists of car gas. That oil is killing almost every creature in the ocean. That can stop our food chain, ecosystem, and everyday life at the oceans. That oil spill is so bad that the smell from it is harming people around it as well. People go by there, experience allergies acting up, illnesses returning back to them, and the weakening of the immune system as the air goes into them by inhalation and cause harm in the body.
Cars should stop using up fuel and start to be run on solar energy or electricity. That way our plant life stays healthy, animals and people are feeling relief, and the air we breathe becoming cleaner. Factories should also switch their energy forms from gas to solar power or wind power. If we make these changes, then we can save our planet and thus, saving our human race. Now a days, researchers are starting to develop new ways to run cars, such as hydroelectricity, electricity, and batteries. These effects and changed can only help us and our planet, so why not take a shot??
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Registered: November 2010
City/Town/Province: Detroit
Posts: 4
November 7, 2010 1:04pm

This research and concern is very important to me because there are threats that are harming our planet.