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NWP Global Registry of Apprentice Ecologists - Seno Woodlands, Burlington, Wisconsin, USA

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Seno Woodlands, Burlington, Wisconsin, USA


Registered: December 2009
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I am an eighteen year old girl with a passion for nature and the well-being of our
planet. Ever since I was a child, I was always protective of animals and respecting the planet.
I always encouraged people to recycle instead of simply tossing things in the trash (and I still
do). I hate the thought of people throwing away paper and bottles and throwing away things
that could be very generously taken by someone who desperately needs them (clothes, cell
phones, or toys that their kids have outgrown). That is why I help to start a club at my school
that helps encourage the students to recycle their papers, bottles, and gently used school
The Green Team is now an official club at Burlington High School in Wisconsin. We
have made covers for the recycling bins to remind people it is for "PAPER ONLY." We have
also received bins for our cafeteria to help reduce the number of plastic bottles and aluminum
cans that our school throws away. Since the Green Teams existence, we have reduced the
amount of paper, bottles, cans, and other recyclable items that are taken to the dump every
Besides working in the school, we have also extended our work to the community.
We have a park that is set aside in Burlington called Seno Woods. It was donated by Dr.
Elvira Seno before she passed away in 1996, she donated 131 acres of forests, prairies,
feilds, and wetlands. Her goal was to have her donated land be a place that provided
educational opportunities for the educators, students, and landowners. The BHS Green
Team found Seno Woodlands as an opportunity to help our community. We have helped
clean out and properly dispose of unused tools and objects stored in their sheds. By
helping to clean out the sheds in late fall, we helped the people running Seno Woodlands
to prepare for the upcoming spring (And during that spring, Green Team is organizing a tree planting project).
Protecting and preserving nature is vital to the planet today. Without nature,
future generations will never be able to experience Earth in it's purest form. People like
Dr. Elvira Seno generously donate not only their land, but their time, knowledge, and
passion for the public to be educated about nature and the beautiful planet that we live
on. Without people like that and places like Seno, my children and my grandchildren
will experience only the destruction of nature, and not the beauty. Without the knowledge
of nature, humanity will not develop a passion for protecting it. I hope that by forming the
Green Team, we have opened peoples' eyes to the pulchritudinous world around them,
and encouraged them to help preserve in any way that they can. By helping inform our
club members, I hope they pass on the information to others to create a constant chain
of appreciation and protection of nature.
Helping to form the Green Team in my High School, has given me the opportunity
to try to save the planet. Without helping to create BHS's Green Team, I would never have
been able to make such an impact on my community. There is a reassuring feeling that
just one person can help create something that will influence future children to have a
passion for nature. But there is an overwhelming happiness when you help people to gain
the knowledge and the ability to change the world for the greater good.
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