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NWP Global Registry of Apprentice Ecologists - Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA

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Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA
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Registered: March 2008
City/Town/Province: BPT.
Posts: 1
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Essay Title: "Beyond the Game"

As we were celebrating our 5th year of our league service, we looked for our year theme- one of our board members came up with “Beyond the Game”.
We are the Bridgeport Caribe Youth League from Bridgeport, Ct, USA.
We have year round sports programs, concentrating on baseball and basketball. Our family consist of over 450 kids that go through our program yearly, and we are growing.
So… back to my excitement of our celebration. We looked for an exercise that our children can learn, appreciate and give back to our community.
The planting of the trees fit right into our 2008 vision. To my pleasant surprise, our town Parks and Recreation Department was having a “Arbor Day 2008 Citizen Tree Planting Campaign”. Wow— the league signed up and magic happened. The department donated 3 trees for our project. But enough of my talk... Below is a written story by one young inspiring player from our league. Check it out:

The tree planting was more to me than just cleaning Seaside Park, and planting some new trees. To me it was a symbol of unity and giving back. Just like the Bridgeport Caribe Youth League has taught me. As I was cleaning the park, I looked around and noticed different teens and young people helping each other. Cleaning the park in which they all love and share. We all gave up our time for that day and we did it without hesitation. I thought about the league and how much work it takes to run it. I realized how much its all worth. Just to see all of my peers working together to achieve what my father John Torres likes to call “A common objective.” As we cleaned the park it was as though I was cleaning my own home. Many days throughout the year I would rush from school to the park in order to be there for practice, setup for games, or just to hang out with friends and watch games. While planting those trees I felt it was a symbol of our time we experienced in Seaside Park. A symbol of new life taking place in the park. While I was putting the dirt on the trees, I thought to myself who would be the other children playing here, once I get older and how the park would change. Cleaning through diamond 7,8,9, and 10 I had all of the memories in my head. On how diamond 7 was where the opening day ceremony was every year, and how I sang the national anthem for the first time here. The championship games at diamond 10 with San Juan being back to back champions. How a group of friends and I put up the banners and set up the fields for the weekly games. I feel as though all of these memories symbolized the three trees: Dreams, Peace and Unity. Whenever someone visits Seaside Park by the fields they’ll see how the league inspired us to make the park a better place and hopefully inspire them to do the same. Writer: Jonathan

In closing, I believe our children that day really saw the beauty of our surrounding nature and our responsibility to keep it clean, fresh and growing.
They learned to work together for a positive lasting cause in their own backyard. Our park sure looked more beautiful as we all walked away that day, all feeling mighty proud.
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Hours Volunteered: 22
Volunteers: 32
Authors Age & Age Range of Volunteers: 10 to 17
Area Restored for Native Wildlife (hectares): 0.8
Trash Removed/Recycled from Environment (kg): 4.5
Native Trees Planted: 3
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