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NWP Global Registry of Apprentice Ecologists - Muthurwa, Nairobi, Kenya

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Muthurwa, Nairobi, Kenya
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Registered: November 2007
City/Town/Province: Nairobi
Posts: 7
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The title of my project is Mazingira safi campaign which means (clean up campaign). I started this project in 16th February 2006 and the project is still continuing. I am expecting to end this project in after achieving my goals.

Description of the work of this project is collecting and disposing waste product as well as mobilizing the community in maintaining a clean and healthy environment through the advocating for tree planting and health environment management.

What inspired me to start this project was that people in the community were not concern about their environment. Most of them dump their waste right outside their doorstep making their environment unbearable. There was lack of collective responsibilities with who should dump and collect waste in right place.

Also poor drainage and waste collection posed health problems for children who tend to play wherever there is open land or interesting opportunities for explorations in stagnant water and drainage ditches or the scavenge in piles of garbage. In many communities in Africa it is impossible for children to play outdoors and to avoid these hazard children between 5-10 years old for instance are disproportionately affected by helminthes and such water based diseases as bilharzias, cholera and typhoid.

Therefore, in case of a disease out-break the slum dwellers were the first victims to bear the brunt. I thought their imminent danger under privileged people was not going to be done quickly to over come the situation before it worsens. In addition, lack of city council of Nairobi in Kenya to play it’s part well. The city council neglected the slum areas, which are adversely affected by poor waste management.

So to over come this situation I decided to form the club which is called Clean –Up Young Youth Club which is a voluntary community based and Non-profit club. After that I inspired the group to start a garbage collection project that will benefit the local communities and the environment. The group started to collect waste product from local houses removing garbage heaps and dumping site nears homes and draining all stagnant water that might be a breeding site for mosquitoes with the few tools available every Saturdays and Thursdays morning. The club also has been providing the local communities with free polythene bags from where to put the waste product so as to ensure the local communities live in hygienic conditions and in better environment.

The goals of my project are:
- To promote health standards in the slum regions through health education a wariness creation and training of youths on needs to preserver environment.
- To improve primary health through a cleaner up environment campaign.
- To promote a focus on bottom –up participatory approaches to slum environment planning and emphases on local action in consideration of gender issues and reduction of poverty in slum areas.
- To spread ecological a wariness as well as understanding of its far-reaching importance to the people and the society.
- To address the needs of slum environmental planning and development through training a wariness creation and initiation of community based action.
- To promote the use of safe and low cost waste disposal technologies with emphasis’s on the informal sector participation to promote environmental based income-generating income

My future plans are:
- To provide technical assistant and support to the communities in Africa and other content in the world concerning waste management and trees planting through seminars, workshops and other training session
- To start waste recycling project which will help the people from the informal settlements to earn living and generate income.
- To start projects of composing waste to become fertilizer from organic waste so as to manage garbage menace in the society.

This picture shows the Nairobi River which has been turned into a dumping area for waste products. The people in the community are not concerned with the environment and also the City Council of Nairobi in Kenya have failed to play it's parts well. The City Council have neglected the slum areas in Kenya, which are adversely affected by poor waste management. The river has been polluted by local communities and some industries who dump their waste products without treating them. Therefore, in case of disease outbreak the slum dwellers are the fast victims since they use it for domestic purposes. As young youth who understand the importance of Ecosystem i formed the club called CLEAN-UP YOUNG YOUTH CLUB composed of young youth aged 8-16 years old. My goal is to train my fellow youths on need to protect and preserver the environment because i strongly believe youth are the one to change the environment in a worse situation to a better situation.

So our work is to protect and to preserve the nature by ensuring the living organism live in a good condition. We have been working on this river and still we are still working on it by removing and collecting waste product as well educating the communities who are living around to preserve it since it is a source of water to them.

Club Members:

1. Linus Wafula
2. Nelson Madioba
3. Victor Oduor
4. Joseph Keragu
5. Cliton Otieno
6. Brian Owino
7. Allan Odima
8. Maurice Mua
9. Thomas Ochieng
10. Haron Ouma
11. Cerel Owino
12. Dominic Mutinda
13. Patric Musyoka
14. Salim Juma
15. Josphine Auma
16. Eric Omondi
17. Macline Tangara
18. Douglas Jalemba
19. Dominic Omondi
20. Maurice Otieno
21. Duncan Naviswa
22. Riziki Katana
23. Austine Onyango
24. Kevin Ochieng
25. Albertina Dette
26. Clare Kemto
27. Robert Ogao
28. Alice Akinyi
29. Cynthia Achieng
30. Salim Riziki
31. Collines Ogao
32. Peter Mwangi
33. Pius Odhiambo
34. Enzai Bavadimwe
35. Simon Githog
36. John Omondi
37. Charlise Mwau
38. Dennis Mwangi
39. Paul Otieno
40. Faith Nyakwanda
41. Salim Manga
42. Obed Mogaka
43. Kevin Odour
44. Isaiah mbuthia
45. Jachline Waithera
46. Felix Odeke
47. Moses Okwaro
48. Goefry Odoko
49. Reuben Gitau
50. Peter Ng'ang'a
Date: December 17, 2007 Views: 15407 File size: 21.1kb, 495.9kb : 1008 x 752
Hours Volunteered: 200
Volunteers: 50
Authors Age & Age Range of Volunteers: 8 to 16
Area Restored for Native Wildlife (hectares): 5
Trash Removed/Recycled from Environment (kg): 5000
Native Trees Planted: 75
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Registered: August 2008
City/Town/Province: Portland
Posts: 1
August 29, 2008 1:18pm

So cool to see efforts from another country! Great work, man!