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NWP Global Registry of Apprentice Ecologists - Oklahoma City Community College, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA

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Oklahoma City Community College, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA
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Registered: June 2007
City/Town/Province: oklahoma city
Posts: 1
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Youth Essay #1:
We planted Redbud trees yesterday. The planting was not easy, as I thought we were not going to have to use the ruler to push the roots in. What I did not like was that Jose took so long just to get a bucket of sand. Charley brought his pet and we petted it. I was helping dig and pour the sand. Anyway, yesterday was a fun day and I liked it.

Youth Essay #2:
Our environment is very important, but not too many people care. Yesterday around 1:00pm we got to plant trees at the Oklahoma City Community College Tree Farm. Their were five groups, four people in each and twenty Eastern Redbud trees to plant. Charlie showed us where to plant the trees and taught us how to plant them. All the groups planted about four trees each. The shovel was about six to eight inches. After we had the hold dug, we put the tree in there (I never knew tree's roots were so sensitive). We had to dig at a forty-five degree angle after the tree was in the soil to bury it. Then we got more sand and put that in the second hole. The soil wasn't hard with the first tree, but the second hole was harder to dig. After that, we went back to the college. That was a fun experience. Essay by Kenny.

Youth Essay #3:
My Apprentice Ecologist Initiative project was to plant a tree. We planted the tree on OCCC campus. The trees we planted were Eastern Redbuds. We planted the trees to help produce oxygen in the world because we keep cutting trees down. We planted the trees by 1. making a 1 ½ feet deep hole. 2. putting the seedling in the hole and sticking the root all the way in 3.making a 45 degree angle to push the dirt on top of the seedling and 4. fill the 2nd hole with dirt/sand. That’s what my project was. The end. Essay by Amber.

Youth Essay #4:
We planted twenty Eastern Redbud trees at the OCCC Treefarm. My group had to go get some dirt and sand to fill up the holes. My group planted two trees out of the twenty we had. We planted the trees for the environment. We thought it was important for the air because all of the pollution in the air. We voted on to plant trees or pick up trash but we chose to plant trees. We were happy to plant trees instead to pick up trash. The holes for the trees were about six inches deep. We planted little tree seedlings but we know the trees will grow to be big trees.

Youth Essay #5:
My Apprentice Ecologist Initiative project was to plant trees. We started our project around 1 o’clock, June 20th. We went outside OCCC’s campus to plant trees. While we were there, my group planted a total of four Eastern Redbud trees. We accomplished this by digging a small hole, putting a baby tree’s roots into the hole, then covering up the roots.
I think the purpose of the project was to help the environment and make it look better. The trees help the environment by giving off oxygen.
Overall, the project took about one hour. Our group took about 20 minutes to plant all our trees and fill up the remaining holes.
We all finished at around 2.
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Hours Volunteered: 20
Volunteers: 5
Authors Age & Age Range of Volunteers: 11 to 13
Area Restored for Native Wildlife (hectares): 1
Native Trees Planted: 5
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Registered: September 2013
City/Town/Province: mogadisho
Posts: 1
September 21, 2013 4:26am

Ok, that is a good activity. My vote is with you. i am just ready to work as well as you. We work together for a safe environment.