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NWP Global Registry of Apprentice Ecologists - Travelers Rest High School, Traveler Rest, South Carolina, USA

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Travelers Rest High School, Traveler Rest, South Carolina, USA
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Registered: November 2017
City/Town/Province: Travelers Rest
Posts: 1
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As an active advocate for environmental stewardship, I hope to have a lasting impact on others around me by initiating change that will not only benefit mankind, but the place in which we collectively call home: Earth. By working together for one common cause, peace may reign in place of conflicting values and beliefs. Environmental projects act as the very means of doing this as we gather our tools and get to work.

In realization that I could act as the change for my local community, I sought a way to have a legacy on my school and its environment. I was inspired after my volunteer experiences with a non-profit organization called Trees Greenville. Within five years, Trees Greenville has planted over 12,000 trees for school campuses, parks, and housing communities. I wanted to contribute to their goal to plant 25,000 trees in 10 years by collaborating our shared passions for local environmental change. After confirming the project with the organization and my school's principal almost a year ago, I helped to organize the project by allocating volunteers for the grand planting day. As my eagerness mounted leading up to November 11, I knew that my senior year highlight was soon approaching.

As the president of Beta Club and National Honors Society, I was able to gather a large representation of students to volunteer. With the coordinating efforts of Trees Greenville and my high school's leadership and service clubs, a total of 55 volunteers came to the campus that frigid morning at 9:00 with a common mission in mind: to enhance the landscape and health of the school's environment. Because there was such a large turnout from the community and school, planting 23 trees did not seem like such a grand feat.

After learning proper tree care techniques, each person was aware of how to ensure the lasting impact of each tree. For about three hours, each volunteer contributed their efforts in various ways. As each person performed his or her role in either digging the hole, properly securing the tree, spreading dirt and mulch, watering the tree, or even naming the tree upon completion of the task, collaboration was key in making the tree planting process successful. With the combination of knowledge and will, each of the 23 trees now calls Travelers Rest High School home and will continue to beautify for years to come.

My expectations of the project were greatly exceeded due to the integral involvement of the local community. I always dream of making such a grand impact on the world, yet I have realized how one person can act as the catalyst for change even in my quaint town. What embarked as a small-scale project, resulted in immeasurable repercussions for the environment and community members. Now as visitors drive past the school or walk past the school's garden, they will be breathing in the fresh air of community action. Not only will the trees provide enriching benefits to the surrounding area, but it will also increase awareness about the significance of positive human impact on the planet.

As my time at Travelers Rest soon comes to an end, I now venture to college in hopes of pursuing a career in non-profit work. With my past experiences and hopefully upon completion of my work with the Peace Corps, I plan to establish international programs for environmental projects for a more sustainable future. Because of this one project, I now know that my small, yet mighty voice can influence the masses in coming together for the protection of their health and home. In continuation of my work, I hope to initiate another project before graduation by implementing an effective waste management campaign for my school and community in hopes of reducing food and material waste. As I embark on my future as a social and environmental activist, I will always look back though and remember where I started with the view of strong standing and mature trees.
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Hours Volunteered: 3
Volunteers: 55
Authors Age & Age Range of Volunteers: 17 & 4 to 65
Native Trees Planted: 23
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