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NWP Global Registry of Apprentice Ecologists - Nazarbayev Intellectual School, Atyrau, Kazakhstan

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Nazarbayev Intellectual School, Atyrau, Kazakhstan
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Registered: December 2016
City/Town/Province: Atyrau
Posts: 2
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Objective: Investigationf of physic-chemical properties of the school site soil. Creation of an illuminant based on Peltier element.
Hypothesis: Applying Peltier element and Seeback effect ( occurance of the phenomenon of EMF at different temperatures of air and soil) to create an environmentally sound lightning fixture.
Stages of research:
Literature review and analysis;
Researching of an information about Seeback effect. Researchinf an information about Peltier element;
Investigation of soil properties as refrigerant in the system;
Description of the physical properties of aluminum: low density, high thermal conductivity and electric conductivity, high ductility and good corrosion resistance, low temperature absorption from the soil;
Making a drawing of the fixture. Creating a business plan. Displaing the estimated return on investment and efficiency;
The analysis of the collected material, synthesis.

Experimental Procedure:
1) Determination of the type of soil using a wet process;
2) Determination of pH of aqueous extract;
3) Qualitative analysis of aqueous extract (determination of soluble compounds)
4) Measurement of the voltage, obtained from the soil;

The novelty of the research and the degree of independence: City needs a cheap generator, which will be environmentally friendly. Created electrogenerator based on the Peltier element uses ground power and air and is an alternative to traditional power generators.
Results and conclusions:
1) The investigation and analysis of the physico-chemical properties of the soil from the school site;
2) Received power from the top layers of soil between two metal plates (aluminum and copper);
3) Created a lighting fixture based on the Peltier element.
Using atmosphere air as a sun heat conductor and ground as a cooling component, there is a difference of thermal energy, which converts into electricity. With a temperature difference can be get the required amount of electric power to make LED light.

Areas of practical application: the results will be used as a further exploration of alternative energy in Atyrau as an application for lightning inaccessible areas. The cheapness of the fixture makes it available in the national economy.
Date: December 30, 2016 Views: 3701 File size: 7.1kb, 73.7kb : 720 x 960
Hours Volunteered: 180
Volunteers: 1
Authors Age & Age Range of Volunteers: 15
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