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NWP Global Registry of Apprentice Ecologists - Kaneshie Market, Accra, Ghana

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Kaneshie Market, Accra, Ghana
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I’m in the person of Sanusi Ahmed, in Environment and Development studies department with the index number EDS/11/01/1656. This research work was done on the 23rd of May 2014.This report focuses on environmental issues in kaneshie market, its impacts on the environment and its environmental action plan.

A country is always being confronted with environmental problems with regards to the growing population of that country.
For instance, the population of Ghana which is of about 24.6 million with a population growth of about 2.5% a year is presently exerting immense pressure on the natural resources as well as creating waste management problems in major towns and cities in Ghana.(Ghana statistical service 2012).
The city of Accra, Ghana’s capital, and by far its largest city, is the country’s commercial and political capital center. The city has an estimated residential population of 2.1 million people(2009 figure) but with an average annual growth rate of 4.4%.The city population is expected to reach 2.6 million by 2015.Each day, an additional half a million commuters travel into the city to undertake professional ,administrative ,educational, commercial and industrial activities(world Bank,2010).
Kaneshie market
To start with, kaneshie is a commercial hub in central Accra. A major landmark within the area is kaneshie market, a multi storey market that attracts shoppers from throughout the city. The market is located on winneba road approximately equidistant between first light and Obetsebi Lamptey circle. The kaneshie area is also a central transport hub. Adjacent
Car park
to kaneshie market is a sizeable car park that serves as a “tro tro “bus terminal for both intercity and intra city travel. Opposite kaneshie market is a car park mainly for long haul buses and taxis services.

Kaneshie market, one of the largest markets in Accra, offers jobs and other important services to many by providing numerous shop and food stuffs, lorry and other facilities all aimed at making life a little easier for the urban dwellers. Kaneshie was initially planned and developed as a residential area.
But in the 1960’s , the introduction of the kaneshie market, a space for thousands of commercial sales, became a strong commercial force serving as both an anchor for existing commercial activity as well as a magnet drawing new commerce to the area over time.(Accra Metropolitan Assembly Town and Country Planning,30th july 2010).

Kaneshie highway


Sanitation problem has become a major environmental issue in Kaneshie market due to the lukewarm attitude put up by the people in littering the Kaneshie market and its environment. The commuters, hawkers, sellers, buyers, passengers and pedestrian are all involved in littering the market environment. It is very appalling to see sanitary officers not doing anything about this issue of littering and dumping garbages at unapproved places in the market.
Sanitation conditions in the kaneshie market which were significantly improved upon during the Accra metropolitan Assembly massive cleanup exercise have again been deteriorated in the full glare of the various market association running the market.

Rotten foodstuffs, especially tomatoes and oranges, cans, and rubbers fill the drains, causing some portion of the market to stink. It is very disheartening to see a market place in such a mess. The following key findings were established to be the factors affecting effective solid waste management in the kaneshie market are;
Inadequate skip supply for storing waste, lack of routine collection of waste, poor method of waste management, inadequate resources for waste management institutions to effectively collect the waste generated.

With the current environmental issues in kaneshie market, a proper waste management plan would be implemented by Environmental Protection Agency to promote waste minimisation at the kaneshie market. Below are the actions to be taken;
Environmental education on waste management will be carried out to the people and the whole public in the kaneshie market to create awareness into the people about the environment. The causes of this filth in the market are being attributed to the inadequate environmental education about sanitation. For this problem to be solved, the environmental Protection Agency will prepare and implement programmes on informal environmental education about the need to keep away from filth, personal hygiene, good attitude towards the environment and being environmentally friendly. The environmental education will be done by Environmental protection Agency and Accra Metropolitan Assembly officials in the kaneshie market through interpersonal communication through the use of public address system. With this environmental education which will be carried out through-out the kaneshie market, would let people understand the functioning of the environment and the problems thereof and help contribute to the protection, management and improvement of it. The environmental education will not just provide the people with the raw knowledge, but also the basic, technical and scientific knowledge that will be required for the protection of the environment.
Funds will be raised from taxes on goods and services at the market, economic incentive which will be capital taking from public finances to assist in the environmental education, government revenue and savings would be used to finance this project. The environmental education will be done after every three months by environmental protection agency officials to make it effective.

Secondly, Environmental Protection Agency will adopt the polluter pays principle, and tax to fine those that will pollute the market with garbages, rubbers, cans and among others. How could this be carried out in the market? The Environmental Protection Agency and Accra Metropolitan Assembly in collaboration will establish sanitary inspectors in the market that will coordinate the activities in the market. These sanitary inspectors will serve as a watch dog in the market to apply the environmental policy instruments on those that will violate the environmental regulation. These sanitary officers will protect and ensure sound management of the environment in the market. But the question is, would these sanitary officers discharge their work well in the market? Would they be devoted to their work? The EPA and AMA would therefore have joint staff body or unit that will monitor and evaluate the work of the sanitary officers to put them on track.

Funds will be generated from the taxes, fine, economic incentive to finance the project.

Moreover, the environmental Protection Agency will also establish a waste management unit such as the Zoom alliance and waste management facilities such as supply of skip for the collection of wastes in the market, trash cans and among others. The zoom alliance would be in charge of refuse collection in the market. With this system, the sanitation issue could be minimised or reduced. But the challenges is that, the zoom alliance has been in charge of refuse collection for some time now, nothing extraordinary has happened and the problems keep increasing everyday in the market because the waste management do not do the collection in time and they are also not committed to their work. Another problem is lack of routine collection of waste and also inadequate fund to finance the project since waste collection and recycling is demanding.
The EPA will therefore reinforce the zoom alliance and give out better incentives to motivate them to be devoted to their work. A third eye security unit will be made available to coordinate, monitor, and evaluate the Zoom alliance work for effectiveness. The project will be finance through the taxes, polluter pays principle and government revenue.
In addition there will be construction of engineered landfill site by AMA and EPA. The landfill will be constructed at a non-residential area in Accra. Therefore, rubbish and refuse could be collected in the kaneshie market and dumped in the landfill. This will call for effective waste treatment and disposal.
Due to the nature of Kaneshie market and the commercial activities that take place at the market contributed to noise and air pollution. Noise control and enforcement of appropriate noise levels at various places in the market have become a major environmental concern. The main sources of noise pollution in the kaneshie market include the following:
Motor vehicles particularly from diesel operated vehicles and machines, unnecessary blowing of sirens and horns, noise generated from traders, hawkers and commercial activities at lorry parks and market places of worship such as the mosque at the lorry park and entertainment centres in the market.
There exists a growing awareness and concern about the vehicle and commercial activities that result into noise pollution in kaneshie highway and market. However action to reduce environmental noise over the decades has had a lower priority than that taken to address other environmental problems. Considering the adverse effects of noise pollution on human health and environment, it is significant to evolve proper approach to address the issue of noise and protection of human and environmental health.
Below are the actions for noise regulation;
Legal Measures. Regulation and Standard
1.Control of noise emissions Emission standards for road and off-road vehicles.
2.Control of noise transmission Regulations on sound-obstructive measure.
3. Noise mapping and zoning around roads. Initiation of monitoring and modelling programs.
4.control of noise in the market and off market Setting of ambient noise level

The regulation and standards will be implemented by EPA and its enforcement will be embarked on to make it effective. The funding will be generated through taxes levied on goods and services in the market, fines and government revenue will also be used for the implementation.

Moreover, atmospheric pollution in kaneshie market occurs through the emission of green house gases such as carbon dioxide by vehicles, tracks and car into the atmosphere. This emission has effect on the environment and health. Atmospheric pollutant, which enter the air are mostly from emissions from vehicles, cars and Lorries. The high concentration of these gases arising are harmful to human health, corrode various materials and damage vegetation, have a detrimental effect on agricultural and forestry production and cause unpleasant smell which are hazardous to human. Many of these pollutants are responsible for the green house effects.

Several directives will be adopted at the kaneshie highway in order to limit air and noise pollution and, setting maximum limits for vehicles and introducing tax measures in the transport sector aimed at encouraging the polluter to act in a more environmentally friendly manner. Road transport generates carbon dioxide emission. The EPA and AMA in cooperation with the oil and motor vehicle industries will draw up an auto-oil programme to reduce exhaust gas emissions. Under the auto-oil programmes, several measures will be taken or adopted to tackle air pollution from motor-vehicle emissions and to address the quality of petrol and setting emission limit values. But the machines or equipments used for setting emission limit are not available which is a problem to EPA . The EPA and AMA will therefore generate fund through taxes, fines, government revenue to raise this gadget or equipment for measuring the emission of carbon dioxide and would train officials that will regulate the activity of road transport at the kaneshie highway. With this regulation, the noise and air pollution would be minimise and put under control.

It is therefore very essential for EPA and AMA to coordinate, monitor and evaluate the work to be done by sanitary officers and zoom alliance in the market for effectiveness. Sanitation, air and noise pollution could be eradicated if only the people could change their habit and attitude in polluting the environment and be environmentally friendly.
The EPA needs to enforce the environmental policy instruments such as the polluter pays principle and taxes so that people could comply with the regulation and standard been set to protect the kaneshie market and its environment. Environmental education has to be done effectively by EPA so that people could change their bad habit in polluting the market and its environment and help protect, manage and improve it.

I hope all the environmental action plan put forward will be implemented so that it can be effective and applicable in controlling the environmental issues been identified in the market.
Thank you.

Accra Metropolitan Assembly Town and Country Planning, 30th July 2010
Ghana statistical service 2012
World Bank, 2010
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Mutale chakonta

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July 4, 2015 10:44am

Nice work.
Mau Mau

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July 6, 2015 7:38am

I am inspired by this young man and his team for such a unique and rewarding venture.

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January 15, 2016 4:27pm

Good Essay writing if I were judging that it would be a 100% excellent!!!!