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NWP Global Registry of Apprentice Ecologists - City of La Puente, California, USA

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City of La Puente, California, USA
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Registered: December 2013
City/Town/Province: La Puente
Posts: 1
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I remember as if it was just yesterday when I first moved into the La Puente. I felt a cold blow of devastation over my body to find the city streets trashed as I walked to school. It was almost as if the community took no pride in cleaning the streets to remove mattresses, trash, electronics or even leaves from the trees.

I felt a dreadful feeling take over my senses as I feared the worst, lacking a clean environment could encourage worst scenarios like graffiti and gang affiliations. Knowing my neighborhood was becoming more of a shantytown, I began to fear walking the streets at night.

Just before I lost all hope, my principal told me of a launching organization called A Better Bassett. “Could this be it, hope in my community?” I quickly called the president of the organization to make arrangements with the school’s National Honors Society to form an alliance. I stood before the National Honors Society and explain my idea to keep our community clean. My anxiety flew away as I stood in admiration of the caring souls who were willing to volunteer to make an impact in our community. Perhaps it was the most thankful and inspirational moment in my life. Till this day, I feel relieved and thankful for having A Better Bassett as support when my community was in an economic and emotional depression.

Through my fortunate experience, my eyes were open to appreciate the value of community service. Volunteering for a Better Bassett may have been the greatest honor in my life. As I stood below a warm and sunny day in La Puente, I felt a warm touch in my heart, walking from our school district to the nearest middle school and back. The president of A Better Bassett divided us into groups, leaving me in charge of one. Now I was walking to school, only to make a difference. For once in my life, I witnessed the cleaning of my city streets. Picking up mattresses, bear bottles, chairs and electronic devices was my proudest moment in my life. All bottles were separated into a bag to recycle and help fund A Better Bassett and all leaves were properly disposed. Any electronic devices were donated to facilities in charge of repairing and fixing.

As we made our journey through the streets, seeing driver’s smile of appreciation towards our team was far beyond any reward I could ever receive. I felt recollections of my first look as my city streets flow through my mind.

My passions have driven me to give back to my community however possible at a global level. I feel devastation in my heart knowing that countries out in the world suffer due air pollutants and I’m unable to aid them. Through my desires and aspiration of scientific research, I wish to become an Environmental Engineer and use my knowledge to help the unfortunate people in less sophisticated countries. Before I leave this world, I want to know my knowledge and passions of serving the global community made an impact in the world.
Date: December 27, 2013 Views: 4804 File size: 13.1kb, 23.0kb : 461 x 342
Hours Volunteered: 68
Volunteers: 17
Authors Age & Age Range of Volunteers: 15 & 10 to 50
Trash Removed/Recycled from Environment (kg): 54.4
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