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NWP Global Registry of Apprentice Ecologists - South Padre Island, Texas, USA

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South Padre Island, Texas, USA
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Registered: December 2012
Posts: 1
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I had always been interested in the prosperity of the environment and this activity made me realize that there are many ways to help our mother earth. Been in the recycling club for three years it has expand my boundaries by transmitting my message to the public, “one can’t do everything but everyone can do something”. By this we meant that one person can’t just fix the big problem that humanity is passing through out now in days, but if all of us (every human being) comes together to protect our dear planet earth. The event that we work on was on the beach, we drove from our school to the event. Been able to help to our sea was just a wonderful thing to do, at first it was hard to pick up all the trash because we didn't have the specific equipment, but at last we manage to do our task. Our effort into cleaning the beach was a complete achievement; we loved that we could help at least a little to make our ecosystem to be a little bit cleaner and healthier to the environment and all the living things in the sea. During this activity we clean around the beach and we found a lot of things that we didn't even imagine that there was going to be that much trash around and we didn't though that we would find so random objects in there. The picture given above, I took it after our duty involve because I didn't even had time to take a picture in the mean time. However we had the joy and satisfaction of having a wonderful day giving a little bit of help to our sea. During this event I had to apply to my leadership skills because there were to many people and to little organization, but finally we worked as a team and achieve our goal, because we knew that we didn't came all the way to the beach just to goof around but to give a little grain in the balance of the earth to survive into new generations.
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