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NWP Global Registry of Apprentice Ecologists - Aldershot, Burlington, Ontario, Canada

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Aldershot, Burlington, Ontario, Canada
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Registered: November 2012
City/Town/Province: Burlington
Posts: 1
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My name is Vanessa and ever since I was young my Mom has always affectionately said I was raised by wolves. Since I earned the joyful reputation as a wilderness child I have always found it to be my responsibility amidst my friends to conserve our resources and protect the unique beauty of nature. My passion is vegetation and I want to start with preserving the forests. The Nicodemus Wilderness Project gave me the opportunity to do that. My project for conserving as much forest as possible was to bring GOOS (good on one side) bins into as many students’ homes as possible. I conducted the GOOS bin initiative in the Aldershot area in Burlington. I gathered a group of people and we all gathered recyclable material so that we would not be using any new material. The fact that no new materials were used (all decorations, boxes, etc.) means that fewer trees had to be cut down. The GOOS bin initiative was beneficial to the community because it was a chance for members to participate in a fun activity that bred laughter and lots of fun. More importantly it was a chance for me, personally, to pass on my passion for conservation and to ignite other people. Equally as important it brought up a lot of questions and it was a perfect opportunity for knowledge to be spread around. Not very many people had ever considered saving old paper, like old notes from classes, to be used again for grocery lists, or other pieces of scrap paper. The local Aldershot High School is important to protect because it is a fantastic school full of many talented people. Many students thoroughly enjoy expressing their artistic talents, healthy lifestyles, or athletic talents. If already passionate students are educated about the environment around them, they will be more willing to experiment with environmental messages such as “save our forests” through their already established talent. Organizing the GOOS bin initiative has given me the confidence to organize other initiatives in the future. I now know what works and what doesn’t when in an environmental leadership position. For example staying positive about the planet’s health is something that people really appreciate and they feel more hopeful after hearing about the goodness that the individual is doing to protect their natural environment by participating in initiatives like the GOOS bin.
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