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NWP Global Registry of Apprentice Ecologists - Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
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The Green Club

Registered: June 2011
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Barcamp Ethiopia 2011 is the second large Barcamp to be organized in Ethiopia, the followup to last years' successful Barcamp at EiABC in Addis Ababa, Barcamp was held for the second time with collaboration between , iceaddis, GIZ, Center for Creative leadership, Henerich Boell Foundation, AIESEC, EiABC and even to some extent with the involvement of big companies like Google has took part in sponsoring the event.

The idea of Barcamp is a sort of “unconference” (BAR= “Beyond All Recognition”): It is organized and administered not by an institution or a company, but by an open community of interested individuals. It has no pre-structured program – everything is to be planned and coordinated through a web-based public Wiki and other online tools where anyone can post ideas and participate actively through collaboration.

Barcamp event was popular in other countries outside Ethiopia, but until last year, it has never been held in Ethiopia. Our idea was to present this event with different thematic focus.
Therefore, planning and preparation was required to successfully host this three days event and engage the 500 youth from different walks of life. Our team made the coordinated promotion through wiki-page and the ”BarCamp Ethiopia” group in the NING-Platform “eLearning Ethiopia”: and Barcamp Ethiopia Facebook Group.

In the mean while, selecting of team leaders for each activity were being processed. I was one of the assigned facilitators for this program and had to undertake the whole day overall program and facilitation concerning the Environmental protection activity part and sessions to be presented for the participants at the event. Thus, we divided each day's program of event to be divided into tasks, Responsibilities and time frames; as follows. TASK RESPONSIBLTY TASK BEGINGS
Opening Speech Mark, Biruh, Jorn, Prof. Heiko 23rd of Sept.
Registration Desk Tsion (Alemaya Uni.) + 3 Volunteers 22nd of Sept.
Cars from on.e for transporting printed materials and other things Marton, Mark , 21st of Sept.
Goodie Bag and T-shirt Distribution Rami, Abel + Volunteers (mekele univ. 22nd of Sept.
Session Room Preparation Mark, Biruh, Olli, Ellena, Ariana, Awad (AAiT), Retta + 4 volunteers 22nd of Sept.
Entertainment Session preparation Abraham (Green Club), Ramy (EiABC), Markos, Biruh, Abel, Fitsum, Alem (EiABC). 22nd of Sept.
Meal Card Distribution (@ AAiT) Wintana, Omar, Ariana, Mark 23rd of Sept.
Meal Card Control (@ z restaurant Rami, Tensaey, Biruh + volunteers 23rd of Sept.
Documentation Fitsum (EiABC), aiesec volunteers, Alem (EiABC) 22nd of Sept.
Dormitory Issues and Assisting participants from Abroad and other Cities Olli, Mark, Biruh, Awad, Abel, Ariana 21st of Sept.
Sunday Session Car from EiABC (Ramy), aiesec, Mark, Biruh, Abrham, Tison and + volunteers,
24th of Sept.
After successful planning and organization the event started with the opening speech by invited guests and higher officials from the Government of Ethiopia. The first two days programs were about youth to speak what is in their mind and share it with other youth who gathered for the event and the third day was to fully participate on tree planting and seedling cultivation program in the hilly areas of the City. The Environmental conservation practices and youth awareness creation activities were greatly appreciated and many young people were passionate about the environment and willing to do similar activities in there future walks. The Green Club was great-full for the seedlings planted and cultivated during Barcamp event and appreciated the youth participants and provided tote bags to use for future waste disposal.

At the end of the event, all participants has promised to keep their eyes on into their seedlings which they planted or cultivated.

I have no hesitation sharing such a story of The Green Club experience in Ethiopia will be a positive impact for various youth initiatives world wide.


Abraham T. Wate
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