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NWP Global Registry of Apprentice Ecologists - Garden Grove, California, USA

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Garden Grove, California, USA
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Registered: August 2011
City/Town/Province: GARDEN GROVE
Posts: 1
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We came up with the lights-out day while we were looking for ideas for our Earth Week plan. As soon as we got approval from all of the members, the officers went to the principal and vice principal for approval. Compromises were made here and there, simply because a few teachers did not want to participate in the "lights out" day. However, it turned out to be a success. Just seeing teachers with their lights out in the classroom was the best part of the project, simply because we saw that our message got across.
Since our school is located in a state with huge economical problems, this can help our school save up money by not using so much electricity. Also, our school is almost 80 years old, so it's not up-to-date with the latest green technology. We had to find others ways to make the buildings in our school greener. We sent mails to all of the teachers notifying them about an official "lights out" day, where teachers have to keep their lights off for a whole day. We also printed out letters to put into the teachers' mailboxes.
The biggest challenge in running the lights out day was getting approval from the principal. He was often busy and out of his office often, so the officers were never able to schedule an appointment with him. This project meant a lot to me because I really wanted to turn off the light of my school not just only to save energy but also to use less of the energy that was coming from southern Cal. Nuclear power plant. I wanted to use less energy from the plant after what I heard about was happening in Japan. I realized that all of that could have been avoided if only they would not used or even gotten started using nuclear power. I figured that if we never used the power form the nuclear power plant then we would never have a chance of having a melt down. And in the end we would never have to deal with the environmental impact of what happened at Chernobyl.
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