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NWP Global Registry of Apprentice Ecologists - Corvallis, Oregon, USA

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Corvallis, Oregon, USA


Registered: January 2011
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As a child I growing up in the beautiful state of Oregon has taught me how to appreciate the world we live in. During my childhood years at least once a month we would go to the beach or the river and spend the day there swimming, building sand castles, watching different creatures, and learning about the natural world. I learned about the different plants and animals and how beautiful the natural world could be. As I grew up I learned that not everyone shared my passion for nature and some people even went out of their way to destroy the natural world. So when I got to high school I decided to change things and help in any way I could, even in the littlest things.
In high school there were many things that you could do to help, promote recycling, teach others, community service, help older people with their yards, plant fruit trees, and many other ways as well. I helped in every way that I could, but most of it just wasnít enough for me. Then as I was walking around town, I noticed something rather interesting and disturbing at the same time. Most of the street drains in the city had the Seaís and rivers symbol indicating that the water in the drain went straight to the ocean. I would have been okay with that, had the drains not been covered in trash. Pop cans, cigarettes glass, plastic objects, trash, and many other things that would harm fish and wildlife were found gathered at the top of the drains. If it hadnít gone down the street drain already, it would in the next rain.
Well, as it turned out, I wasnít the only person paying attention to the effects we had on wildlife. One of my teachers had as well and after having a class discussion, we decided to take action. We took gloves, rakes, a bag, and a cleanup partner and led the way to where the street drains that needed the most cleaning were. We worked street by street making sure that there were no foreign objects that could fall in. We filled our bags full of all the garbage that would have been on its way to the sea. The next class, we did the same thing working around all the streets that we could get to. Near the end of the second day it started rain, many wanted to go back, however after convincing them that we were just about done anyways, I convinced them to stay until we were done with that street. After that we showed our prized garbage to the teacher and disposed of it in its proper place.
We had been lucky that the rain started at the end of our work period, if it had rained any sooner we would not have been able to clean the drains as well as we did. After that we told our work to many other students and teachers and promoted community service. That was the best project and it was also a lot of fun knowing that I was able to be a part of something that affected not just me or my community but on a much larger scale. Still to this day I am working hard on community service whenever I can to help promote the necessity for clean and safe environments.
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