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Educating by Example™

The philosophy of the Nicodemus Wilderness Project is expressed in our mission statement:

To protect wildlife and our environment and to build future conservation leaders by engaging youth in environmental stewardship projects worldwide.

Educating by Example™ is something that we feel is essential to accomplishing our common goal of restoring, caring for, and protecting the natural world. Kids learn from their family, friends, and teachers. When family, friends, and teachers provide examples of why its important to help others and the environment, kids have a better chance of growing up to do the same. At the Nicodemus Wilderness Project, we believe that every child and adult has the potential to become a better citizen and a better steward of the Earth.

The Nicodemus Wilderness Project gets involved in Educating by Example™ in many ways. Our large-scale projects like Make a Difference Day and National Trails Day bring together hundreds of volunteers in a common effort to cleanup our wild lands. Our Apprentice Ecologist Initiative™ unites children, youth, families, and school groups from around the world in efforts that help benefit the environment and each other. We also participate in events, like School to World, that bring together thousands of students for a day of learning about career choices, including Careers in Conservation (PDF - 138 KB).

We learn from each other by seeing conservation efforts in action and by working together to make things better. An environmental stewardship project might be simple or complex; it might take a day or it may last for the rest of your life. What is important is that we tackle these issues together and learn from each other by setting good examples.


Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

- Margaret Mead -