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NWP Global Registry of Apprentice Ecologists - Chesterfield County, Virginia, USA

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Chesterfield County, Virginia, USA
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Registered: December 2010
Posts: 1
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My project addressed low levels of awareness about recycling and environmental responsibility in elementary school students. To achieve this goal, I did research about school recycling and pulled together my findings for the guidance counselor of a local elementary school. She was, and still is very excited about my efforts. After a lot of very careful planning, I met with the 100 fourth graders in the school’s Red Cross Club. With the help of some members of my high school's Beta Club, I taught these students the importance of recycling, introduced ideas about how they could recycle over the summer, and how they would soon have the opportunity to participate in school recycling. Due to the coinciding with budget cuts and changes in leadership, I was not able to begin the collections when I had hoped. After learning some new information over the summer, I realized that this school could still have a successful recycling program, only on a smaller scale than initially planned. I have passed along contact information to the school for the person who is responsible for the bin that they already have. This bin is only labeled as accepting newspaper, but in fact, it is for all types of paper. My project benefited, and will continue to benefit, the community by opening students and adults eyes to how easy yet beneficial recycling is. I was able to get the students excited about recycling by presenting it as an easy and fun way for them to make a difference.
I know that I impacted the students by responses I received. The elementary school's guidance counselor / Red Cross Club sponsor, spoke with me after the students had gone back to class, following my Kick-off event in June. She told me that I did a great job, the kids enjoyed it, and she is really glad that I want to help the school start a recycling program. In addition, one of my neighbors, who participated in the kick-off event, told my sister that she enjoyed my presentation and she’s going to make sure that her family starts recycling. Additionally, members of my high school's Beta Club are very excited about helping these younger students to recycle.
I learned that I am capable of getting others excited about something I feel passionately about. However, the most inspiring part, was realizing truly how impressionable children are and that they love when they are given a chance to make a difference.
Although I was not able to physically begin a recycling program by the date I had originally envisioned, I still achieved my primary goals. I greatly increased recycling awareness in this elementary school. The students were interested in recycling and just needed some information and encouragement. After beginning my project, I learned that several adults, including the guidance counselor, several teachers, and PTA board members were all very interested in recycling at the school. They just had not taken the next step to bring their ideas together and present them. It’s encouraging to know that as a high school student, I was able to lay the groundwork and get this program rolling, despite several obstacles and changes.
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