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NWP Global Registry of Apprentice Ecologists - Spirit of the Swanee Park and Campground, Live Oak, Florida, USA

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Spirit of the Swanee Park and Campground, Live Oak, Florida, USA
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Registered: December 2010
City/Town/Province: Fruitland Park
Posts: 1
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"Over the Swanee River, way far away from home...", the echo of Florida state anthem echos all over the sunshine state. However, the Truth of the matter is that the Swanee River is a major tourist destination that attracts people all over the country, especially in the winter season. Consequently, the influx of people results in massive amounts of litter along the river embankments.
In October of 2010, I brought this issue to the attention of the Nature Club at Lake-Sumter Community College. However, this isn't your ordinary environmental activist club. Each and every member in the club treats each other as if they are family. It is a bond that begins in the Student Resource Center-- a place where all the members daily stories and ideas. The bond between the Nature club members, is essentially, the backbone the makes the club what it is.
Furthermore, the Nature Club decided to take action in November of 2010. After a 140 mile trip, we had finally arrived at "Spirit of the Swanee Park and Campground". There we set up camp and prepared ourselves for a "long-haul' of picking up the Swanee River and the adjacent nature trails. It didn't take long for member to spring into action. Each and every member had a passion for the environment and it was shown with enthusiasm and teamwork.
Ultimately, the trails and the river bank were a giant trash can. It was pitiful to see such a beautiful and majestic place with such cruel treatment from its visitors. Cans, bear bottles, plastic, and paper were scattered all over the place. Over the course of an entire weekend, we spent a majority of the time picking up trash.
All in all, it was a privilege for and my fellow Nature club members to help in the effort to fight pollution. Through hard work, environmental compassion and team work we were able to clean the entire park within a three day period.
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Hours Volunteered: 78
Volunteers: 13
Authors Age & Age Range of Volunteers: 18 & 17 to 23
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