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NWP Global Registry of Apprentice Ecologists - Spanish River Beach, Boca Raton, Florida, USA

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Spanish River Beach, Boca Raton, Florida, USA
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Registered: December 2009
City/Town/Province: Boca Raton
Posts: 1
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In my sophomore year of high school, I noticed that my school was not catching on with the recycling movement, and in fact the school had a lot of refuse lying around. It was disturbing to me personally since I knew how important the issue of global warming was. Consequently, I decided to form a club to address the issue of global warming, help cleanup the school, and most importantly educate students about this pertinent problem.

Unfortunately, things did not go so easily in starting the club. In fact, many administrators did not give serious thought to the idea and told me that I lacked funding and a sponsor. Furthermore, there were many other obstacles and adversities that I had along the way, but I found with each new hurdle I got stronger and more tenacious.

I was able to find a sponsor, and became president of Clean, Learn and Renew (“CLEAR”). In addition, we obtained twenty members and started some significant campaigns. We sold 100% recyclable pencils and papers to students, planted trees to help absorb harmful carbon dioxide out of the environment, had a magazine drive to recycle old magazines that would have been thrown away, held beach cleanups along the beaches of Florida, and educated our fellow students on the importance of clean energy and recycling. Furthermore, we plan on starting a carpool program and even having a well-known speaker from the Natural Resources Defense Council come to the school to speak with the student body on the importance of saving energy and keeping our Earth clean.

As a result, I look back with great pride at starting this important club at my school. Furthermore, I relish the fact that I truly learned who I am as a person by having to overcome numerous obstacles in starting CLEAR. Each time I faced a challenge, it made me stronger as a person and strengthened my convictions to start this important organization. Finally, I am hoping to take the lessons that I learned from CLEAR to start other organizations to better society!

The project that I conducted was a beach cleanup. I worked with my club and collected trash in Boca Raton, Florida at the Spanish River Beach. We walked up and down along the shore and collected ten garbage bags, each full of trash. It was amazing what we found, from wine bottles with wine still in it to rubber bands. All the trash that we found can be so hurtful to animal, marine and human life as well. It was a good thing that everyone who participated wore gloves due to the mass of glass we found.

The area that we collected the trash from was a designated area where turtles laid their eggs. For this reason alone was why we particularly chose that destination to clean up. The community has rules about the area; for instance turning off your lights when driving by and of course no littering. Even though it is a rule to not litter, people still tend to do so. As a result, I felt it was an obligation for my club to help the turtles and the environment by donating our time to the cause. The result of our time was a cleaner beach for everyone to benefit from. Due to the amount of trash that was collected, it has made me create a monthly beach cleanup. I organized that the first Saturday of every month; my club participants will gather gloves and garbage bags and set out to cleanup the beach. This experience has truly been a great one; I was able to help the planet and show people how our time can be spent to help better the world that we live in.
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