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NWP Global Registry of Apprentice Ecologists - San Jose, Carillos, Costa Rica, South America

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San Jose, Carillos, Costa Rica, South America
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Registered: March 2009
City/Town/Province: Parma
Posts: 1
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I sat alone in the smallest chair in the biggest blue room. I had my head bent back over the chair and I just stared at the billowy clouds, formed by fine strokes of vanilla paint on the ceiling. I inched my head further back over the chair and just glanced at the clock. The clock’s upside down large hand pointed to the twelve and the short hand pointed to the eight. It was a pain coming to church, it was torture arriving early. Even though I was alone in the room I had the feeling I was being watched. I was observed not by a Sunday school teacher, but by the pictures of Jesus from all four corners of the room. I was just a kid only six years old, why should I have spent my time in church? The worst part was trying to sit in this too small chair at this too small table with two long, spider legs. As a child up until the age of twelve, I found church to be a drag through the mud. Over the years I have steadily built a relationship with the church and its members. The major influence that changed my direction for the good was the church’s Costa Rica Missionary Trip.

The church missionary trip inspired me not only to help myself, but to help others wherever they may be. The trip was a ten day experience lasting from July fifth to the fourteenth of 2008. Our mission was to build the additions to a church-in-progress in Carillos, Costa Rica. The jobs included sanding walls, mudding and painting walls and bathrooms, placing drywall, and cementing and tiling floors. With the job of sanding both the interior and exterior walls of the church, I recall standing at the top of a twenty foot high ladder, and I sanded out the thick areas of mud compound. With each swipe the sander snowed dust particles, white like snowflakes, which stuck to my hair, face, and clothes. When I look back, I admit that sanding walls for six of ten consecutive days made me weak; but my body was not important. Helping to spread faith to the community of Carillos by building the church was my only concern at the time. The unity between our missionary group and the citizens of Costa Rica was truly memorable. Our bond was as strong as crystal diamond; if a problem developed we never cracked.

By July fourteenth our work was finished; the citizens of Carillos and our group filled Costa Rica with an air of blitheness. It was truly inspirational; people of two completely different cultural backgrounds came together as one. We were one, united under a common goal, and race, ethnicity, language, everything, could not have broken that bond. Even at our departure, we were as strong as crystal diamond; never losing its sheen. Today I continue to reach out to those in need through community service projects and Key Club. Key Club is an organization dedicated to raising money for international needs. Furthermore, the Costa Rica trip has instilled in me a strong receptiveness to others and I look forward to working in socially and culturally diverse environments in the future.
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Hours Volunteered: 1176
Volunteers: 21
Authors Age & Age Range of Volunteers: 18 & 16 to 45
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