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NWP Global Registry of Apprentice Ecologists - New York, USA

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New York, USA


Registered: December 2008
Posts: 1
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This year with five students, Mr. Zamm from CENYC (council on the environment of New York York City) who is also one of the founded fathers of my school (HSES) High school for the environmental studies and I started the second year of Recycling Speaking Bureau. Last year being the first and successful recycling networking opportunity, has broadened to another school Dewitt Clinton High school. This paid internship gives me and others the opportunities to go to other building schools and buildings to advocate for a recycling program. I believe that this is one of a lifetime experience because it is very hard to speak about what is important.
Before we go to present we had to prepare for what we wanted to tell them. Because we have a thriving ongoing recycling program in my school which is now expanded as YES (youth environmental stewards), we wanted to give advice to those who have problems getting a recycling problem started. We created a PowerPoint about the general idea of recycling going on to our recycling program in our school. We also have pamphlets and handouts and more recently we are planning to create a PSA (public service announcement) about the recycling program in HSES. Sadly to say there are no pictures yet but we hope to take some for students and teachers so they could get a better idea of our recycling program in our school and our outreach that loads of are curious about. Mr. Zamm schedules meetings with schools and buildings in NYC in all five boroughs. We have meetings a few days before the meeting to get ready. All the presentations are afterschool for the preferences of the schedulers. It is very efficient for everyone especially the students who will continue on in this outreach.
I think this opportunity is great because it gives a chance to know that other students and teachers are very passionate about getting a recycling program. More will feel less pressured about being more environmentally friendly. Just getting the information out there with encouragement that a recycling program can get started is a lot of motivation even if we only present for 30-45 minutes. This program is important because other people that need advice will realize that it is not impossible though going green seems to be new to many people. I feel very happy after having to talk to numerous people about their recycling issues and taken out the time to help the environment. I know that they are trying very hard to not give up.
The apprentice ecologist initiative is an amazing idea because it acknowledges those who helped the environment in some way. It gives me a chance to explain what I have done to help the community and what others can begin to do. Overall it is satisfaction to meet many different people and learn from them that I canít learn in a classroom.
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