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NWP Global Registry of Apprentice Ecologists - Edinburg Park, Edinburg, Texas, USA

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Edinburg Park, Edinburg, Texas, USA
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Registered: December 2008
City/Town/Province: Edinburg
Posts: 1
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I colors that a flower would have. So one day I went out to go and pay some plant so that have been planning to plant some flowers and trees just so that way I would see more green and different way I can put them out in the park. I went to go and talk to the people of the city (Edinburg) and asked them if it would be okay if I plant some plants. They said yes so, I planted them and then other people started to see what I was doing so they did the same thing to help out. It was fun because I got to met new people and plant around the park. Now when I go to the park I look at the trees and flowers that everyone has put on.
Helping out and making the city look nice is a good thing because you get this feeling that you made at difference in something. Having the time to make something happen is whatís good and knowing that you did it to make others smell something clean and good. Now I know that its not a good thing to some people about it was to me because I have always wanted to do this when I was a little girl and now that I have I feel good and go and help the people at the park water the plants when they need to be watered. I go like ones a week mostly in the weekends because thatís like when I have time to go and sometimes when I donít have a lot of things to do I go before they close the park so that way I can make sure that they plants are doing good and not died or if someone went to like do something to it.
Date: December 1, 2008 ∑ Views: 3717 ∑ File size: 28.0kb, 214.9kb: 1500 x 1123 ∑
Hours Volunteered: 32
Volunteers: 30
Authors Age & Age Range of Volunteers: 13 to 19
Area Restored for Native Wildlife (hectares): 0.80
Native Trees Planted: 48
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