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NWP Global Registry of Apprentice Ecologists - Brooks Park, Cary, North Carolina, USA

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Brooks Park, Cary, North Carolina, USA
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Registered: December 2007
City/Town/Province: Cary
Posts: 1
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I took the step to become an Apprentice Ecologist by initiating a recycling program among friends. This cleanup project extended over the course of many months—beginning in April and continuing now. It took place among a large group of friends that meet many times a week to play ultimate frisbee. I first noticed an environmental problem shortly after the pickup games started. Most of the players left plastic gatorade and water bottles strew across the field after a game of frisbee. Even the cans that were picked up were left to the trash cans instead of recycling bins. To solve this dilemma, I began to collect plastic bottles and bring them home to recycle. After many months of collecting and recording the amount of plastic bottles, I came to a total of 264 bottles weighing over 7.5 kilograms. It turns out my small efforts each day after frisbee multiplied over time to make a huge difference.
Conducting my own recycling program reminded me of my influence on the environment. Small daily efforts can change our effect on the world around us. Because of my recycling efforts, less plastic will need to be created and the environment will be kept from even more harm. From participating in this recycling program, I have learned that there are steps everyone can take to better the current state of the environment. To ensure that the program will have a lasting value, it is important that the friends I play with also understand my reasoning behind recycling bottles. It is not enough just to collect the bottles, but it is imperative that others continue the recycling process even in my absence. The importance of recycling should be stressed through lessons about environmental protection.
The parks in which I conducted this recycling program are popular spots for athletic events such as soccer games. It is important that these areas are taken care of so that many more athletes can enjoy the fields. If the fields are trashed with plastic bottles, there is no room to play or the grass could even die. Bottles left behind could be washed into a nearby stream with a hard rain or strong wind. That is why picking up and recycling bottles is so necessary for the environment and our enjoyment of nature.
After completing this project, the Apprentice Ecologist Initiative™ has taken greater priority in my mind. I better understand the importance of grassroots organizations and programs to educate the public on the importance of environmental cleanup projects and recycling. I am pleased that the Apprentice Ecologist Initiative™ has put such a high importance on ecology.
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Hours Volunteered: 2
Volunteers: 3
Authors Age & Age Range of Volunteers: 14 to 17
Area Restored for Native Wildlife (hectares): 1
Trash Removed/Recycled from Environment (kg): 7.5
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