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NWP Global Registry of Apprentice Ecologists - Fort Custer Training Center, Battle Creek, Michigan, USA

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Fort Custer Training Center, Battle Creek, Michigan, USA
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Registered: November 2007
City/Town/Province: Battle Creek
Posts: 2
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On September 30, 2006, people all over the nation participated in an event called “National Public Lands Day.” The event is designed for people in the community to help do things in a public sector of land and do different things to benefit the land. In the city of Battle Creek, one such property is on the Fort Custer National Guard training base. I took the initiative to locate the representative for this event and make PTK a factor in determining its success. I managed to negotiate with the Natural Resource Analyst the planting of one hundred endangered trees on the Fort Custer base with a fenced in enclosure to act as a greenery to protect them. The second part of the project was geared towards benefiting handicapped people. It was decided that we would build handicap access ramps for people who could not normally hunt. I was delegated the authority to recruit all of the volunteers. I made it known to the entire community that they were needed. All of my time spent on getting volunteers was well worth it.
I was able to recruit forty-eight volunteers for the event. There were PTK members and officers, KCC students, Tiger Scouts and Tiger Scout leaders, and various people throughout the community who in many cases brought their children and made the day a family event. All of the people who came were truly dedicated. The weather was cold and rainy, yet the community came through. As for the Tiger Scouts, I arranged a tour of the base, and they were able to watch the National Guardsmen during their training exercises.
This event has been by far my most significant endeavor since attending community college. Not only did I use my leadership skills in developing a great community service project, but I involved everyone in the community which is what ultimately made the event such a success. I wrote an article which made the front page of the Bruin, my college’s newspaper. It was featured in Phi Theta Kappa’s International newsletter. The event put the Alpha Nu Eta chapter on the leader board as far as most trees planted for Phi Theta Kappa's tree planting initiative. This event played a significant part in my life because it proved that I could be a successful leader and involve the community at the same time.
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Hours Volunteered: 15
Volunteers: 48
Authors Age & Age Range of Volunteers: 5 to 60
Area Restored for Native Wildlife (hectares): 3
Native Trees Planted: 100
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