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NWP Global Registry of Apprentice Ecologists - Monona Lake at Madison Wisconsin

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Monona Lake at Madison Wisconsin
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Registered: June 2020
City/Town/Province: Madison
Posts: 1
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"Future is in your Hands Project"

In May, 23 2017, Fred Rogers, a Television Personality, said, "Often when you think you're at the end of something, you're at the beginning of something else." Older adults have to be conscious of what future they will leave us, and teenagers have to be mindful of what future they will receive. Thus, we have to do something to care for our environment; otherwise, teens will not be aware of how important a little change can make a big difference. "Apprentice Ecologist Initiative" is an excellent start to help our world that keeps us alive.

First, I choose the "Apprentice Ecologist Initiative" because I want to do something to help everyone in this world by cleaning our environment. No matter your race, gender, ethnicity, or beliefs, the environment is a thing that we all have in common.

Besides, I chose It because when I was a child, I was raised in a small town in Zacatecas, Mexico, where people didn't have access to the tools and the knowledge to care for our environment. Then, children like me are raised with any idea of what pollution is, or what consequences can the pollution make. In the same way, I spent my childhood looking at how people burn the garbage because there was no garbage truck to collect the trash of our community, including schools, churches, and hospitals. Having that experience, I dedicate with the pass of the time, to learning the importance that our environment has. Now, I want to motivate other youth people; to take the initiative to take care of our environment.

Most people think that throwing garbage in the wrong place doesn't look too bad, but do you know the "WorldoMeter website " calculated that there are more than 7.594 billion (2018) people's world? According to the Newspaper, The Independent, "Scientists estimate that about 8 million tons of plastic debris such as food packaging and plastic bottles are being washed into the oceans each year." Imagine if all the 7625 billion of us throw garbage in the incorrect place all the time. Therefore, each piece of trash is increasing because of the number of habitants that created a big bunch of garbage that our community is contributing too. However, we can do something to help the environment and, little by little, collect part of the trash that was thrown in the wrong place. That's why this project focuses on teaching teens different ways to prevent pollution/contamination locally.

The "Future is in your Hands Proyec" was located in Madison, WI, U.S.A. During this time, I dedicated for 3 weeks to explaining virtually ( Covid-19) to 5 youth people about the importance of taking care of our environment. We meet three times a week for 2 hours minimum. Also I teached them the essential things to decrease pollution. Moreover, my team had the idea to go to a park close to Monona lake, located in Madison city, where we collected the garbage that was thrown in the ground, obviously taking the preventive security measures.

"Apprentice Ecologist Project "improve my growth mindset and inspires me to do more projects in the future not only collecting garbage.I would like to do some art projects in my school by recycling the garbage because "garbage is not garbage," in other words, garbage are tools to make something useful for humans' life and a way to make that is by recycling.
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