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NWP Global Registry of Apprentice Ecologists - Liceo Scientifico G. Marconi, Pesaro, PU, Italy

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Liceo Scientifico G. Marconi, Pesaro, PU, Italy
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Registered: December 2019
City/Town/Province: Washington
Posts: 1
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Last year I attended High School in Italy. In my class people didn't believe in climate change and pollution. How can you not believe in this? We are in 2019 and the aftermaths of those can be seen everywhere. Pesaro, the city where I lived, was dirty, the beach was full of trash, the temperature were 1-2 degree Celsius higher than previous years. My classmates contributed to that, they threw garbage on the floor, they has never used public transportation and even if there was a pretty good recycling system they didn't use it. Italy has a great potential, there is everything to live an eco-friendly life, but Italians, especially the young ones, didn't understand it. Most of Teens didn't believe in it. So I decided that I would do something to make Italians understand what is happening to our world. I created with a friend of mine, posters publicizing the situation of Earth today. In the one uploaded a "monster", called Junk eater, is transforming our Planet, that is first dirty, sad, with no colors, no future, then he is clean, colorful, happy, the perfect place to live. Junk eater is a symbol for us, future generation that needs to make the Earth great again. We affixed our posters in school, community, church, township, in places everyone could see them. In my class I did a lesson about Earth preservation and I noticed that a part of my friends mind changed. They were more aware. They are aware today, making the difference. They are citizens of future
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