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NWP Global Registry of Apprentice Ecologists - Ohio, USA

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Ohio, USA
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Registered: May 2019
City/Town/Province: Amanda
Posts: 1
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One year ago on May 1st I had heard about this scholarship through my school, that same day I made up a mission statement to first, become more aware about the environment, figure out how I can make an impact, and third, follow through with these plans. I completed more than 10 different projects over the past year and not only did I do my part in saving our planet, but I had a great time and made some new friends along the way.
My first step was to get the word out about saving the environment and the event that I would be hosting for people to join, so what better way to do that than visiting my local radio station! After talking with the broadcaster I was permitted a 48 second time frame that would be played 6 times a day, it was very exciting as well as nerve racking. I conducted one project every month so at the beginning of each month I would go back into the radio station, sometimes with the help of friends, and make a new announcement. In addition to the 90.9 radio station announcements, my school also allowed me to add to the morning announcements on the PA system.
All of my projects were locally based and easily accessible to the public, we met a churches, truck stops, and schools so that people had the option of carpooling. Then the entire group, sometimes composed of 8 people and other times composed of 30 people would begin in on the project for the month. Majority of the projects consisted of litter cleanup, but at one point my school was able to help me invest in 125 pine trees for planting. In one year we had more than 100 volunteers contribute to cleaning 8 different parks located around Ohio.
While the actions I took were small, still feel as though I did the most that I could with what I had. I am thankful for all the support of my parents and high school classmates for the countless hours volunteered, rain and shine. Once I had completed my final project, a trip to Hocking Hills to pick up litter and spread awareness about the environment, I was inspired by attendees to continue my project, it was at this moment that we weren't only helping the environment, but helping each other form friendships and make memories that would last a lifetime.
No matter a person's viewpoint, it cannot be denied that the Earth needs help, our help and we need to step up to the challenge, whether it is saving forests from deforestation, cleaning the oceans, or simply picking up trash, the time is now. Litter as a whole is a danger to not just the environment but to the wildlife as well. My group and I saw first hand how harmful litter can be when we found 3 animals that had died from human garbage. These deaths could have been easily avoided using the trash and recycling receptacles located around each of the parks. On a few of our trips we even found whole tires from cars that had been tossed into the woods, while carrying them was not an easy task, we were able to get them to a recycling plant that accepted tires. To take more action than just picking up trash, we also made sure to remind people we met along the way to use the trash cans available.
The Earth is at a critical point and it is up to my generation to turn around all of the damage done. Throughout all of the trips made to different parks I made sure to spread this message in hopes that people would be motivated to make change. Something that surprised me was the amount of people that would join us during our hikes and offered their help on the spot. I hope that my project has inspired those around me to make a difference in the world, even if it's just one park at a time.
This group has taught me how to really dedicate myself to something I am passionate about and i'm grateful for the experience. I know that going off to college is going to restrict me from being able to volunteer locally, but I have all intentions of continuing to volunteer. Each college I have visited so far had at least one, if not more environmentalist groups, and I would even have an opportunity to start one of my own if I wished.

Mt. Pleasant, Lancaster OH
Picked up litter on various sides of the mountain.
June 3rd
(4 groups of 3 people in each.)

Clear Creek Metro Park, Rockbridge OH
Gathered litter on the trails and main area of the park.
July 9th
22 attendees

A.W. Marion State Park, Circleville OH
Many people already at the park joined our group in picking up litter.
August 4th
9 attendees

Slate Run Metro Park, Canal Winchester OH
We picked up litter and had a new idea to wear same color shirts.
September 5th
12 attendees

Great Seal State Park, Chillicothe OH
The rain didn't help, but we still filled 7 whole trash bags.
October 9th
16 attendees

Amanda Clearcreek High School
Prepared trees for planting.
November 16th
8 attendees

Amanda Clearcreek High School
Conversed ideas for future products and watched videos over current environmental issues.
December 3rd
16 attendees

Amanda Clearcreek High School
We made letters to local companies asking for donations of trashbags, gloves, and other resources.
January 2nd
10 attendees

Amanda Clearcreek High School
We distributed the donations we received and were thrilled with the results.
February 9th
20 attendees

Tar Hollow State Park, Laurelville OH
Picked up litter on the trails while advocating for the environment.
March 7th
15 attendees

Chestnut Ridge Metro Park, Carroll OH
Our biggest group yet filled an entire truck bed with litter!
April 1st
30 attendees

Hocking Hills, Logan OH
Picked up litter on 3 seperate trails and finished with a trip to an ice cream shop.
May 1st
Slight rain delay, 5:30 pm
19 attendees
Date: May 3, 2019 Views: 5604 File size: 20.3kb, 136.7kb : 750 x 582
Hours Volunteered: 350
Volunteers: 189
Authors Age & Age Range of Volunteers: 16 & 13 to 38
Area Restored for Native Wildlife (hectares): 56
Trash Removed/Recycled from Environment (kg): 54
Native Trees Planted: 125
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