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NWP Global Registry of Apprentice Ecologists - Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

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Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
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Registered: February 2018
City/Town/Province: Indianapolis
Posts: 1
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Breathing. One of the most essentially necessary processes of the anatomy of the human body to be able to survive. By definition, it means "movement of air into and out of the lungs". From where does that air that provides us with oxygen come? Photosynthesis. A process to which I owe the fact that I'm able to perform each one of all my daily activities, and the basic reason why we are all alive.
From this scientific fact, a chemical process being performed at every second that passes by around us but which we tend to ignore, I have deducted the first reason why I must fight for the wellness of this phenomena called "Nature". I must return to it the favor of allowing me to be alive.
The second reason why I'm going to pursue my highest passion is that the presence and connectedness I've developed with nature has taken me out of a darkness and existentialism I've been persecuted with, a darkness that has haunted almost every person at some point in their lives. I am lucky enough to have found the happiest moments of my life when I'm aware of the flow of direction of air currents when they lightly touch my skin, thus, I owe the chemical and physical processes of earth, because thanks to each one of them, I find the best reason I have to stand up from bed and put up with pain.
I'm purposeful of taking action to counter the noxious greenhouse gases that take place as the outcome of basic industrial systems that we have been able to develop to make our lives easier, for us to be able to obtain knowledge and education. I find it necessary to obtain our fuel sources from the earth where we were born. After all, resources are for us to use at our advantage .At the end, however, there are going to be consequences, for certain car mile that we ride, there is a certain amount of PM released to the atmosphere, that will keep on accumulating enough for us to breath with more difficulty. There are existing alternatives, renewable energy sources, but there's also much more to be discovered. I long to be part findings, research and policy making to improve overall climate conditions.
Human wellness and health is not only what's being put at risk, is diversity of species and habitat protection that require immediate attention.We need alternatives that can allow all species on earth to coexist, and mutually contribute to each other's existence. There are several species on earth that we need for ecosystems to be in balance, therefore, for ecosystems to provide us with resources we still need. We can find a clear example from the level of atmosphere toxicity in certain regions of Indonesia, the carving of trees to obtain palm oil for the production of snacks and fast food. Every country on earth is in need of an environmental change
Earth is quickly responding. To ignore all of the signs that earth is showing us will only shorten our time on this planet. A functional society cannot keep its economy system on proper conditions without having resources where to produce and elaborate from.
In the fall semester of 2016, I took an Environmental Science class that reinforced my knowledge about current environmental issues as well my reasons to pursue this career. I've taken part on different small projects to reduce personal waste. These include composting which will later on be used for the plating of my own vegetables, recycling of my plastic and paper waste that is taken to recycling centers, picking up of trash in my neighborhood area, and being a member of the Youth Tree Team 2018. I'm determined to make a change and serve the earth.
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