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Conyers, Georgia, USA
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Registered: December 2017
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Hi! I am currently a senior at Rockdale Magnet School for Science and Technology. Ive been engaging in research on renewable energy since 6th grade. Ive even won top in class in all of Georgia for my social studies research on Renewable energy sources in America. As a student, the concepts and information circulating around the concepts of renewable and non-renewable energy are very interesting and relevant topics necessary for planning out the future of our society. In an attempt to not only grasp a better understanding of previously studied topics, Ive engaged in this Apprentice Ecologist project to attempt to make change and propose with the knowledge I currently have regarding renewable energy systems to improve the future of fuels sourcing.
This project was one completed largely in the comfort of my home but also at my school utilizing some of their engineering equipment and tools. My school currently holds a small greenhouse project that this was meant to integrate with and provide room for expansion upon. This greenhouse was similar to that of a shed without filled in walls. Some sustainable features of this greenhouse were its hydroponic system as well as its many fertilization stations for different potting systems. Otherwise, there weren’t many outstanding workspaces as this project was intent upon creating something capable of assisting the exposure of renewable energy sources. Below lies the logic behind this project.
Biofuels will most likely be the energy source we use to replace the large amounts of oil consumed in the U.S. Out of the many forms of biomass, algae is the most preferred and advantageous for many reasons involving efficiency. In order to mass produce algae it must be grown in photobioreactors. Making larger systems will not increase efficiency , however if inexpensive parts can be used to build a small, effective and simple photobioreactor, then it could be possible for photobioreactors to easily be integrated into or onto the homes of many regular consumers. This project will be used to build a relatively inexpensive system and increase its efficiency to produce a useful amount of algae easily. The final product is automated, has an easy extraction system and includes a system to provide fertilizer to the algae. These additions were all fully functioning and effective however problems arose during construction that led to different paths being taken as to how these things were built. This project was a success and provides a world of opportunities that can lead to future research. The system will be improved and hopefully used in the homes of the average person to provide oil. Taking after this abstract concept, I constructed and tested a photobioreactor system that met the criterion presented. This system was successful and actually provided some rather promising data in regards to algal growth rates over time. These findings were then compiled into a research project which was then used to spread and expose the findings of this systems potential. Luckily, this project has gone so far as to reach recognition at International competitions such as ISWEEEP(International Sustainable World Energy, Engineering, and Environmental Project Olympiad). This information has gained recognition and so has the subject of renewable energy.
Energy has become of increasing importance in a world dominated by machinery and technological advancement. It is of the upmost importance that we have a proper understanding as well as a proper system in place for how we control and obtain energy for use in the coming years. Our current practices have shown increasingly harmful and negative effects on not only efficiency but the environment which leads to a variety of problems to deal with for the coming generations. I hope to use my research to develop a proper and positive system for extracting energy without damaging the environment while still providing the most efficient energy source. I feel that continuing with this research will enable my community to live better and cleaner lifestyles starting with the energy powering their homes. I also feel that my project removes the harmful extraction techniques and issues associated with fossil fuels while providing an equal replacement in practical system supplies.
This project has inspired me to develop this research into a possible company or organization that will allow me to further study this area of interest. Ive been enriched with a greatly improved understanding of electrical systems as well as renewable and non-renewable energy sources. Ive recently been accepted to my dream school of Stanford University and hope the funds from a project such as this may support the furthering of my education and work in this research field.
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