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NWP Global Registry of Apprentice Ecologists - Pier 40, 353 West St, New York, NY 10014

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Pier 40, 353 West St, New York, NY 10014
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Registered: December 2017
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The River Project

The subway came to a stop. I stepped out, one foot after the other, and went up the stairs. Passed countless buildings, crowds full of people, cars hustling through traffic, I was on my way. Over the pier, boats waddled back and forth in front of the skyline stretching over the horizon. The sun kissed the Hudson River.

I planted my feet in front of the miniature seahorse and lifted my head. I read the words, “The River Project.” The River Project works with the Hudson River to maintain the marine life. It also provides a research space for the community. New York City is home to millions of people, not to mention the creatures that live in the water.

I walked in to see science, adventure and new discoveries. I witnessed creatures of all sorts, from the mightiest of them all, the Blue Crab, to the wimpiest, the Grass Shrimp. Everyday was an adventure on Pier 40. Some days I truly felt like a marine biologist alongside my mentors.

We checked the traps to see what the Hudson River offered. Most days there were tons of grass shrimps and sea squirts. On occasion, we’d see some blood worms and isopods. Besides the traps on Pier 40, the River Project also had traps on Lilac the Steamship located on Pier 25. Heading to the Lilac felt like a pirate’s journey. It was surreal. I couldn’t imagine a better way to explore the Hudson River. The Lilac obtained extraordinary creatures like the Oyster Toadfish, Blackfish, and Blue crabs.

My friend Siddhi took a powerful stomp over a crab with his black boot. I thought he had killed the crab but the crab was alive. He only stomped to contain it. Siddhi pushed the arms of the crab towards its body and picked it up by the meat of the arm. He looked straight at me, motioning me to hold it.

“Wanna give it a go?”

“Please tell me you have a first aid kit,” I joked while staring at its claws.

He grinned. “Nope. What's the worst that can happen?”

I briefly thought of chickening out. “Okay. I'll do it!”

He guided me through step by step. “Just remember. It's more afraid of you than you are of it.”

I grasped the arms and lifted it up slowly.

Siddhi congratulated me. “You just did one of the toughest things anyone can do here.”

I released the crab from my shaking hands into the bucket. “You should really have a first aid kit. That was dangerous.”

“We do,” he said. “I just wanted to scare you.”

He picked up the bucket and moved to the next tank. At the end of the day, we made our way back to Pier 40 with stories to tell and laughs to share. We witnessed the sun at the tip of the Hudson River. We said goodbye and walked out together.

In New York City, adventures always await us.
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Registered: December 2017
City/Town/Province: philadelphia
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December 25, 2017 8:43am

I liked this, it was so nice.