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NWP Global Registry of Apprentice Ecologists - Sarkan, Kazakhstan

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Sarkan, Kazakhstan
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Registered: December 2016
City/Town/Province: Sarkan
Posts: 1
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The ecology is a science which is engaged in preservation of Earth of her plants and animals. We know that she also studies the environment and the relation between activity of the person and the nature. Of course, until recently this relation was in balance. However now we face such environmental problems as acid rains, global warming, loss of rare species, ozone reduction, etc. I and my schoolmates are concerned by cutting down of trees. Trees are a source of oxygen and clean air. So, doing it, people just break biological balance. And why, the nature has to suffer because of our action. And so, my project is a part of this big soap to help the nature. Somehow to prevent these problems, people from around the world including us, do useful, present projects. My project is called SPARE. I live in the small town of Sarkand. Here the nature of here is charming, mountains which surround us are beautiful, and of course, air is clean. Well, we try to keep her such free, pure further. Big cities, such as New York, Tokyo, Moscow and Almaty are polluted much. Naturally, we have begun with the small town, and further, I hope that purity will reach also these cities.
Our project, SPARE helps to discharge garbage after the journey and the nature. We draw, we add new strokes and imaginations, we decorate ballot boxes that it was cheerful to throw garbage in a trash can. We do it for preservation of the nature. A variety and changes are always good. And also the abandoned buildings... When you pass by them everything so tiresomely. The ideas in the help! By means of my team, paints and skillful hands we turn them into excellent pictures. And now question: What advantage of it to the nature? Big because as it is possible not to throw garbage in such tanks which come across in eyes at once. So far there are such people who don't remain indifferent to environmental problems, we believe that at us everything will turn out. Of course, passing by such decorated the building it is conscientious and not pertinently to throw out garbage and to pollute the nature.
The following actions of SPARE are an economy of energy, resources. Now in the world minerals reach a limit. And we have to find him replacement. And what we can make? The sun, Wind will help us with it. We do solar furnaces by the hands which are useful and simple. They can even be taken in campaigns to warm food, water. It really helps and it isn't difficult to make. Only the box, a foil and desire is required. Takes a little place.
Oh, following step of SPARE energy saving lamps. These lamps it is twice more favorable, we checked it with children. Discussed, showed to other children, spoke about advantage, held meetings. It has really helped and we are glad to it.
Wind power on the earth inexhaustible. Many centuries of people uses her in the purposes, a wind turbine system, the performing various functions. As practice and experience of many countries has shown, use of wind power is extremely favorable as the cost of wind is equal to zero. Therefore, most countries are moving in a favorable direction. Our country is also making progress in this regard. But, unfortunately, in our city Sarkand it is not used. We live in the XXI century. We have everything necessary. Our project SPARE continues helping nature for many years. Even if we have not yet used the wind, our children, who will continue our project, they will do it.
Doing all this work we have received the knowledge and joy to people. In our school we have made and delivered boxes of cardboard boxes. The lower classes were happy, surprised that gave an example and help us.
Environmental protection - a universal concern. That is why it is necessary to take serious measures for environmental safety. We have a lot of ideas. The guys think of purity. In our city, the streets are not so many and not enough trash cans. We will ask the city authorities to take action and help us to become a cleaner city. For clean air, we want to plant trees where they simply do not little. Thus, purifying the air. Plant a tree,Thus, purifying the air. Plant a tree, not only themselves, but also with the residents of the city. It will be fun and useful. You can even think of clean water. To do this, we think to hang signs special signs that people are thinking. We think it will bear fruit. We are concerned about everything. We are discussing with classmates from other guys on the Conservation of Nature. They said their opinion, offered ideas and we've got to do it. We, the young people from around the world, should expand our projects and do not stop.
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