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NWP Global Registry of Apprentice Ecologists - Peterhof Park, Saint Petersburg, Russia

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Peterhof Park, Saint Petersburg, Russia
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Registered: December 2016
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Hello, my name is Alesia! I live in a large and beautiful city - Saint Petersburg, Russia. My city is the northern cultural capital of Russia and it is famous for its museums and channels, theaters and also there are many beautiful and magnificent parks. Especially, there are a lot of parks in the area where I live. There is a complex of the most famous fountains in Europe next to my house – Peterhof park and I live in Peterhof town.
Recently, I have made a tour to the St.Petersburg State Forest Technical university and I have known that some kinds of trees are in danger. They are elm trees, and the danger - is the Dutch elm disease or grafioz, scientifically. Nasty fungus attacks the trees and causes their death. There is a program to save the elms in St. Petersburg and I decide to participate in it and to contribute to rescue the trees.
Firstly, I had written a booklet and adorned it with expressive pictures. My father and I were working together, I was printing the text and looking for pictures in Google searching system and my dad was helping with design. Secondly, I printed 20 copies of this booklet for my own money. Of course, the brochures were typed on a recycled paper. Then, my friends and I distributed them around the school. It was fun and interesting. To my surprise, I had known that even many high school students were not aware of the problem of elms. Our biology teacher liked and marked excellent our project, therefore next lesson was completely devoted to Dutch elm disease. After school, we were going for a walk and looking for the affected trees. In spite of the fact, there was a winter outside; we liked searching these trees around our school. The finding of diseased trees was not difficult. Unfortunately, there were lots of them!
So, I decide that I want to plant resist-elms (artificial grown sorts of the trees not prone to damage). But, they are very expensive and it is necessary persuade my dad to buy new elms. In fact, I would like to visit the CBS-KNAW Fungal Biodiversity Center, Utrecht, the Netherlands. Exactly, some methods of treatment of this disease are being devised. I should say so, in the Netherlands about 70% of all the elms were lost as a result of the outbreak of the disease in 1919-1920. Thus, the disease received this well-known name. I was in Holland and attended the University of Leiden, and I really liked the country and the university, and I would like to go there again. Especially, now I have a proposal- to learn how I can cure the trees affected by Dutch elm disease. Who knows, may be a vaccine will be developed? Otherwise, I would like to concern with this problem.
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