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NWP Global Registry of Apprentice Ecologists - Maple Grove, Minnesota, USA

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Maple Grove, Minnesota, USA
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Registered: August 2016
City/Town/Province: Maple Grove
Posts: 1
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I have two main passions. Iíve been through many phases in my 17 years on planet earth, from pole vaulting to dancing to card making. However, thereís something that inspires me about these two Iíve settled on because they are areas where I can make a difference. My name is Madison Fjeldsted, a soon to be senior at Maple Grove Senior High School and Iím eagerly awaiting to graduate and pursue a degree in Natural Resource Conservation and Photography. My project revolves around these two interests and I hope the rest of my life will too to some degree. I want my field of work to revolve around these subjects. For now, they are hobbies. For now, I try and harbor these talents and try and conjure up ways I can change my corner of the world, on an environmental spectrum.

I used to believe that I was confined to where I live. That I could only do projects within my own town, within my own bubble. It seemed hopeless to change the world through my town. They say it all starts with one step but I was far too anxious to make such a mere contribution. Fortunately, photography allows me to reach further than my town and even country if I so wish. Due to the fact that my dreams regarding improving the environment soar out of our own environment and to the moon itís wonderful that photography and technology take me beyond my small bubble. The project I decided upon is rather unconventional being that I wanted to reach as many individuals as I could and as broad of an area. I chose to use 21st century technology to my advantage and undertake a technological environmental project. I chose to try and change the world and not just my corner. I have taken photographs of the awe inspiring outdoors for as long as I can remember. I have a collection of landscape photos. I began a virtual store on the website Society6. Society6 is a website for artists to sell their work by uploading it digitally without losing their rights to it. The company produces the products with the artistís print on it and the company and the artist both make a little sum of money. I began uploading stunning photos of scenery I have taken and called my account RetracingOurSteps. I called it this because its my This is the bio I wrote for my account.

ďRetracingOurSteps is an effort to retrace our biological footprints. Products feature images that capture the beauty of the environment, therefore all profits are donated to maintain that beauty. Donations will be made to the US National Parks System and the Nicodemus Wilderness Project. Each time you look at your product you can remember you did something to help that beautiful nature. Bring nature into your home. Preserve it outside.Ē

My photos feature grasslands, marshes, beaches, canyons, mountains, and so on. Each picture to me represents beauty unmatched. Unmatched for two reasons. The first because it is natural beauty and cannot be matched by any manmade creation. Mainly, however, because through all the time that passes from when these pictures our taken human activity continues to take place. We continue to manipulate the environment in such a way that natural beauty cannot even match itself. All I want is for beauty to be preserved.

The environment is so important to me. I have spent many hours with my schoolís green club, and picking up liter on weekends, and organizing recycling for places that do not already have it in place. I want to do everything I can to keep this planet green. If we donít get serious about this issue now, it will become too late. By choosing this project I can make a difference in not only the environment, but in otherís lives and perception of this issue. With each print purchased I make a small profit that I donate entirely to the maintaining of the earthís natural beauties. Maybe I canít go around the country doing environmental projects, but I can provide the means for others to do so and inform and remind people all over the internet that we are permanently affecting our home, planet earth. Hopefully I can bring more and more people to see how important it is that we preserve our resources, that we protect our wildlife, that we prolong our biodiversity through this statement that I make by donating every penny. There is so much that people do not understand and so much people forget regarding our environment. I want RetracingOurSteps to become something huge. I want everyone everywhere to learn or relearn how they impact their environment every day through a simple reminder of the impact theyíre making and the simple statement of a donation. I want these small donations to add up drastically. The only way I could find to ensure this was with technology.

As I mentioned I have two passions. But sometimes I like to view them as one. As capturing and preserving the beauty around me in any way I can and helping others to do the same. Although this project didnít involve a garden or recycling or even getting down and dirty, it is an environmental project just the same. I wish as much as anyone else if not more to improve our world environmentally. Iím just choosing not to let geographic location limit me in anyway. Iím choosing to change the world because after all isnít that what environmentalism is about?

I hope so deeply for this scholarship not just for the scholarship its self. I want to show as many people as I can that we can go beyond the limits we set for ourselves regarding the environment and life. I want to show people that when we really want to, we can change the world and that our natural world desperately needs changing. I also would hope that if this were to be published more people would be aware of my online store and would enjoy the beautiful nature prints I have uploaded and in turn change the world with me. More donations become possible with the more traction and publicity I get on my store. I want this to become bigger than myself, bigger than my community, bigger than my state. I want to donate more than I have at hand and I can only do that through others who will only do it if they are informed. It would be miraculous if this scholarship essay could be a means of informing those whom I cannot reach. I want more people to appreciate the environment the way I do and to aid in its preservation. I want everyone to change their corner of earth because then together we could bring about real change that our planet desperately needs.
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Registered: October 2016
Posts: 2
November 7, 2016 6:20pm

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