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NWP Global Registry of Apprentice Ecologists - Rockville High School Vernon CT

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Rockville High School Vernon CT
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Registered: December 2015
City/Town/Province: Vernon
Posts: 1
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My school has a regional agricultural program as part of our curriculum. We produce organic waste in both the cafeterias and farm but did not recycle or compost. I have been a dedicated Girl Scout for more than 10 years, so when it came to selecting a topic for my Gold Award I thought immediately of the compost opportunity at my school. Since my school needs are complex, my project turned into an awareness and education program. I had the opportunity to lead teams to measure the amount of waste our school community produced, research solutions for onsite and local compost options and created and delivered youth training in two towns about the importance of composting. This experience honed my leadership talents and gave me confidence which I used to obtain a marine science internship in Bermuda, the position of a Drum Major in our Marching Band and interview skills for college selection. After high school, I plan to pursue a career in wildlife ecology which stems from my experience with my awareness project and the connections I made during my journey. My school was not able to get the funding yet for the compost machine it needs, but did get recycle containers for the cafeterias as a result of my project which will provide an impact after I graduate. Also, the students I touched who are more aware of composting will also make a global difference in our community. I will look for opportunities like that in college.
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