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NWP Global Registry of Apprentice Ecologists - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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Registered: July 2015
City/Town/Province: Dubai
Posts: 1
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Green Space New Life- Plant for the Planet Campaigns

Awareness to reduce the landfills and plant trees to green the areas near landfills and waste composting sites,
The action-led project undertaken by the students and youth contributing and reducing the carbon footprint of the city, so that the effects of gases can be minimized and reduced. Thus, also combating global warming with the reduction of greenhouse gases and creating sustainability by understanding and spreading the needed awareness. Assessing and implementing SMART objectives being Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely. Aspiring to make a statement in the community and by youth penetrating this message into homes, schools, corporate and government levels the success was, further affirmed by the support of the press and social media. The action-plan succeeded using a combination of different strategies and approaches which included organizing the youth by conducting presentations, workshops, visiting the landfills and hands-on experiencing -how difficult it is to compost waste and interpreting how much hard work and costs are needed in preparing and maintaining landfills which eventually must reduce to ‘Zero Landfills’. Planting trees at the landfill sites and waste composting sites reinforced the vision. The work received International acclaim as the personal commitment honoree ‘Youth Environmental Conservation Award’ by John Muir Association USA.
•Getting people to think about Landfills and how much we are filling them by the waste we create, especially as in UAE this is a big concern.
•Engaging Youth and children in a fun way to visit the landfills, learn more about them and to plant trees there
•Youth raising awareness to reduce landfills
“Green Space-New Life”. The goals of the campaign aimed to raise awareness, reduce the need of landfills and planting native trees near the landfills to green the area. ‘Green Space’ aimed to bring in ‘New Life’ and help reduce the toxic effects, generate more oxygen and support life. The focus stayed on networking, raising awareness, waste management, landfill reduction, recycling and also promoting alternate energy sources like that of generating electricity from landfill gases. It is an important global issue as the recycling practices are not so effective and developed and not everything is biodegradable; the rate at which we are generating waste and dumping them, there will be no space left and the toxins that the landfills generate will make life difficult on this beautiful planet.
My findings revealed that landfills have a life-cycle cost, not just the start-up cost, and they are being banned or phased out by many communities. It is alarming to learn about the millions of tonnes of trash generated globally and locally, which consists of paper products, yard clippings, industrial and hazardous waste, plastics and food waste. Uneaten food waste making up half of the waste during Ramadan in Dubai, and tonnes of e-waste dumped in landfills across UAE. I discovered that people lack waste management practices and often confuse dumps and landfills. Researching about waste management initiatives in the region GCC countries (Gulf Cooperation Council), the reports showed that UAE is spending billions for waste management and recycling projects and various municipalities in the UAE either launch their own projects or collaborate with private companies for joint ventures. I figured that Dubai has five main landfill sites –Trucks rolling in every 30 seconds, tipping their contents and heading off. A bulldozer packing and smoothening the waste with sand poured on top, and waste-water sprayed to keep the sand down. More than 20% of all waste sent to the landfills in the UAE is recyclable. Al Ghusais Landfill receives about 5000 tonnes of waste every day and (about) similar for the others. With the majority of goods being shipped into the UAE, the repackaged and sold, the country has one of the world’s highest levels of domestic wastes. I further researched on re-vegetating landfills and waste containment area to select the trees to plant.
In 2012, I carried the esteemed London Olympic Torch, and upon my return to Dubai decided to start my own organization to bridge a network of like-minded youth who could bring change in the society. Hence, SynergY was formed keeping in mind the message that the power many units combined together is greater than the power of one unit alone. In my opinion youth constitute a major segment of the total world population and hence have responsibility with relation to the environment. A number of environmental risks and hazards disproportionately affect young people, who have to live for an extended period with the deteriorating environment left to them by earlier generations. Environmental education has an important role to play in the promotion of environmental awareness. It’s prime to tap into the passion, creativity, and ingenuity of all young people, and find ways to transform the community to be responsible by allowing inspiring young people to serve. As chosen Paryavaranmitra Young Leader for Change, I chose to lead the action project. The stakeholders identified in my campaign. The project research based on facts and data collected from reliable sources including interviews and media reports in United Arab Emirates served to spark the idea and define goals that facilitated finding proper direction for preparing the required action plan for the Project.
I found that Dubai Municipality is implementing flaring solution at Al Qusais landfill site. With remarkable environmental initiatives of global stewardship and combating global warming, the capturing and flaring of the landfill gas that was previously vented into the atmosphere unhindered to generate useful electricity was undertaken by Green Energy Solutions & Sustainability LLC at Dubai Municipality. I contacted the Managing Director of the company and also had several rounds of meeting with the officials from Dubai Municipality and we agreed to plant for the project Green Spaces- New Life, ‘a hundred and fifty trees’ at site. The landfill gas-flaring project at Al Qusais Landfill is now successfully running 24 x7 and has been recognized to reduce the carbon footprint of Dubai, with the reduction of greenhouse gases, and creating sustainability generating 1MW electricity and targeting 15-20 MW of power from landfill gas in the next phase of the project.
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Hours Volunteered: 1000
Volunteers: 200
Authors Age & Age Range of Volunteers: 16 & 6 to 17
Area Restored for Native Wildlife (hectares): 5
Native Trees Planted: 1000
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Farman Ali

Registered: May 2015
City/Town/Province: Hyderabad
Posts: 2
August 13, 2015 11:03am

Very nice work to beautify the environment.