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NWP Global Registry of Apprentice Ecologists - Moody Forest, Baxely, Georgia, USA

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Moody Forest, Baxely, Georgia, USA
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Registered: December 2014
City/Town/Province: decatur
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The Nature Conservancy hired me through a series of paper work and interviews with environmentalist. My internship was pre planned by the organization to specific places in Georgia, which were Moody Forest, St Simons Island, Little St Simons, Sapelo Island, and then back to Moody. Our housing in each location was also different, ranging from log cabins, to island villas. There were 8 of us in each location but to be honest it was actually very roomy. Throughout the entire internship I met many important people in the environmental world. One in particular Blaine Sergrew, she saw my ability to delegate and communicate with my fellow interns.
So my first location was Moody Forest located near Savannah, we met Chuck. Chuck is like the “guardian angel” of the forest, he spends most of his time out there keeping the area together. At Moody we worked on fire breaks. These fire breaks are what kept prescribed burns from damaging other property by keeping the fire contained. We did so by mowing and raking any extra debris from the fire break. After all is done the forest is set to blazes clearing out undergrowth and giving the new generation of plants a chance to grow.
My next location was St Simons Island, around the coastal area of Georgia. While on the island we helped out with a new technology called the living shoreline. The basic idea was putting oysters into bags. They are laid across the shorelines to grow in helping to create a firm ground for life to grow on. The results of this help to bring back natural life that man made materials washed away. The living shoreline even acts as a wave breaker in storms.
I also went down to Little St Simons Island, not too far from St Simons. Our time on Little St Simons was quite short, two days to be exact but we still put in some work. I transected animals along the beaches of the island, I helped to protect sea turtle nest, and I even monitored night animals across the island. I didn’t work alone; I worked alongside in the field with Blaine Sergrew and Kristi Lambert, both well known people in the environmental world. The result of all our work on the island over the two days would could not have been accomplished without team work. My team and I got into many deep discussions with one another on this trip that only made us stronger as team.
Overall the leaf experience truly has changed my life forever. I no longer think the same, act the same, or even walk the same. The program has opened doors for me that most teenagers won’t get a chance to experience. They recommended me for the Posse Scholarship. I am an ambassador for the nature conservancy. I have spoken to board members and other people about what nature really means to me. To most people nature is just there or that it has no real depth, it’s nasty, smelly, and annoying. Now yes all of those may be true at times but nature has so much more of a deeper meaning than that. Nature is the connection to the universe; all earthly troubles can be fixed by staring off into its beauty. The future is molded by nature, why reinvent the wheel if Mother Nature has been doing it for millions of years, constantly showing us the way on how to make life better. We mimic Mother Nature, our roads, animal trails, our mirrors, water, our light, the sun, she shows us the way. The mindset of tony stark is what drives me to be different. Aside all the arrogance and cockiness this mindset is of one who lets go of all troubles in order to enlighten his or her mind with the light of the universe. To simplify this in my opinion it is someone who constantly challenges their craft non-stop in order and in hopes of one day reaching perfection.
Throughout the program I faced several challenges and obstacles. With each obstacle/ challenge I reacted differently mainly because they were all different situations. The very first challenge I faced was going without my phone for an entire month, kind of a big jump for a teenager. The first couple of nights were kind of restless, until I began to meditate and write stories until I feel asleep. Turned out my little technique helped me to even forget I had a phone. Now my biggest obstacle was getting over my fear of spiders. I have feared spiders ever since I was young so getting over them was kind of difficult. I would have to say the only reason I am over them now is cause I saw so many, so many in different sizes and colors. It got to the point where my rain didn’t have time to register fear. Most people are surprised when I tell them that’s all I had to overcome. Well that’s because everything else I went through, I go through on a daily basis. From cooking food, washing clothes, sharing a bathroom, and even squeezing into a car, I have two brothers.
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Area Restored for Native Wildlife (hectares): 40
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