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NWP Global Registry of Apprentice Ecologists - Satellite Market Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria

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Satellite Market Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria
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Registered: December 2013
City/Town/Province: jos
Posts: 1
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My name is Lazarus Amaha. I am 21years old. I am 6feet tall. I was breed in Jos Plateau state of Nigeria. I am presently schooling in St. John’s College Jos. I am the vice present of the community sanitary group in our community. I am the type of person who loves planting and keeping his environment clean. Also, since I was a kid, my father usually engages us in sanitation towards building and keeping our environment clean. He also teaches us about the dangers of living in a dirty environment. Apart from that, we often have special date in our country which is set aside for keeping the environment clean. This is how I end up been appointed as the vice president of the community sanitary group in my community.
Considering the fact that I was so inquisitive towards making sure that my community is always kept clean, as my friend found out about the Nicodemus wilderness project, he quickly ran to my place and told me about it because he knew that these are one of the things I love doing. Without any consultation or deep thinking, I picked interest on the project and registered for it. During my preparation for the project, I had 9 volunteers that assist me in accomplishing my project. It all started as if it was not going to end, because the plot of land in which we were working on was too large. Not only that, the temperature of the place was too harsh on us that very day. We spent almost 9 hours trying to clear all the dirt that filled up the 2 plot of land in which we were trying to clean up. The work was not too difficult for me because, this is what I often do with my group in our community. I, together with two of my volunteers are in charge of gathering and assembling all the dirt in a single place while the rest of the four workers are in charge of emptying the dirt in a truck which is usually taking far from the community and disposed. As we succeeded in making that area of the community clean, we planted some few flowers around the place in order to make it more beautiful. The flowers have started germinating which I believe that by the grace of God will become a fully matured flower on the 10th of January2014. I really enjoyed the work we did because, in spite of all the dirt that the area has which might cause a lot of germs and diseases to the community, we still hold on to the task and finished it.
These have always been my joy to see people living in a community which is free from dirt. Keeping the environment clean will also promote a very healthy life to people living around it, which I derive pleasure in doing. I am always happy to see that I accomplish a sanitary service because, that means a lot to the community I live in. The site which I conducted my project was close to many houses which surrounded it. If not because of the sanitation we carried out on the piece of land, I believed that it will harbor different kinds of germs that will be harmful to the community. It is a good thing that I contributed in cleaning up the area of the dirt, so as to prevent those people around the resident of the area of the disease that might befall on them if no action was taking about the dirt. The project did not only make the environment free from germs, but also made it a comfortable place for people to live. During the time I was appointed as the vice president of the community sanitary group of my community, I worked harder towards the job I was appointed for and that made me more serious in everything that I found myself doing in life, and also made me more serious in serving my community and country at large. I also have the motives of forming a new club to my school that will help students to know the effect and how to live a healthy life by keeping their surroundings clean.
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Hours Volunteered: 9
Volunteers: 9
Authors Age & Age Range of Volunteers: 21 & 19 to 25
Area Restored for Native Wildlife (hectares): 2
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