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NWP Global Registry of Apprentice Ecologists - Doggy Beach, Wilmette, Illinois, USA

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Doggy Beach, Wilmette, Illinois, USA


Registered: February 2007
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Picture this: a sea of scattered blue and gold diamonds, the warmth of a billion softly illuminating light, the fresh playful breeze tugging at your hair. Can you see it? Can you? Can you see the great rocks sparkling with buried golds and emeralds and topazes? Can you see the birds above? The birds with their wings spread out wide, their feathers ruffled, freedom flowing in their veins and sparkling through their dark setted eyes. Can you see it now?
Oh! But then, wait! There, lying, just peeking out upon the soft smooth sand, is a small crumpled butt of a cigarette. Oh! And there, a plastic bag blowing across the land, like tumbleweed. And there! Oh, do you see? Do you see that piece of band aid floating in the water? Oh! There! Do you see that? And there! And there! Pieces of papers, plastic, cigarette butts, and who knows what else!
That, was what marred the beauty of many of the lands. That is what is marring the beauty of Lake Michigan.
I decided to take my dog, and a friend, along with me, to what is commonly known as The Doggy Beach. I believe it was a sunny afternoon, although windy. Of course, this is known as the Windy City.
I spent about...a couple hours--not too long, rummaging about that beach, putting random bags and wrappers and dirt grimed objects into a bag I had. Although we did come up with quite a bit of trash, it wasn't horrible. I believe that the North Shore tries its best cleaning up after its treasures.
While picking up the trash, I felt really quite wonderful. My friend and I chatted as we scrummaged through the beach. Sometimes we squealed in disgust if we found something particularly disgusting, such as dog femen and pee, and sometimes we examine unknown substances with scientific sobriety.
Aside from those, we had a wonderful time. The wind was beautiful on our skin, the sun light illuminating our hair, giving us a sort of ethereal glow. We giggled and laughed and talked about old times, and new times, about old friends, about new friends. We discussed homework while we bent, discussed teachers and tests and school. We discussed our futures a bit as well, as to what college we might want, what careers we might try to pursue. Of course, we talked about guys, that cute jock sitting in the back in our Math class, that artsy mysterious guy off at lunch, the football players' table across from ours at Lunch.
We laughed a lot as well, talking about mishaps we've went through, inside jokes we've shared, our other friends and their funny quirks.
And this is why I believe it is so very important to take care of the area that you live in. And the lake shores and the forests even, and the deserts and trees and animals and plants. Because people of all generations and colors and gender and ages and beliefs could go outside, and do what my friend and I did. So that people in a thousand years later are able to step outside, and share lovely jokes, and feel the warmth of hte sun on their skin and enjoying a wonderful afternoon out on the beach. So that, people in a million years are able to go outside, and rejuvenate, and get away from all the stresses of reality. So that in a trillion years, people are still able to experience the simple joys and beauty of life, and Mother Earth.
And that is also why, I felt glad, after having completed the project. Apprentice Ecologist Initiative is doing a wonderful job, blending in an afternoon of cleaning the earth with friendly bonding, and also adding in a little certificate after, which enhances the already brilliant rewards one would gain.
And so, that is why, I stand here, humbly, and offer my top hat off to you all. Thank you, for having this project. Thank you, for coming up with such a creative idea that benefits so many different things. Thank you, for giving me an afternoon of great karma, of much need meditation, of soul flying bonding. Thank you so much, for trying--no, making--a difference in this world, and for enabling myself to do so as well.
Kudos to ya!
Date: March 8, 2007 Views: 7449 File size: 37.6kb : 350 x 263
Hours Volunteered: 10
Volunteers: 1
Authors Age & Age Range of Volunteers: 16
Area Restored for Native Wildlife (hectares): 2
Trash Removed/Recycled from Environment (kg): 25
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Registered: March 2007
Posts: 5
May 9, 2007 4:42pm

Such a pretty picture! You got so much trash too--great job!
Ciao, Amber