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NWP Global Registry of Apprentice Ecologists - Cape Coral, Florida, USA

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Cape Coral, Florida, USA
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Registered: April 2012
City/Town/Province: Cape Coral
Posts: 1
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This project is intended to increase environmental awareness and thus lead to consistent efforts made in order to work towards environmental conservation in the community and eventually throughout this nation and possibly others.

I have selected this project because I am concerned with what is happening in the environment; I want to bring an end to the damage we are doing to our own planet, particularly the destruction caused through littering, pollution, and the failure to recycle. Furthermore, I want to take part in measures which will result in the most efficient use of the limited resources we have (i.e. fossil fuels), redirecting an emphasis to sustainable and efficient alternatives which satisfy the same needs.

Project Plan

There are (as of right now) three main components to this project.

1) Raising environmental awareness - a presentation which will outline many of the reasons why conservative efforts are important and discuss possible actions that may be taken to improve the situation in the community and beyond.

Why we should be concerned with our environment
The importance of recycling
The harmful impact of pollution and littering
Financial savings
What you can do
What you can prevent

2) Active environmental conservation efforts - either independently or at the request of parents (through a form which I plan to make available to the school and other nearby areas), myself and project assistants (volunteers) will participate in nature-friendly activities, including:

- Trash pickup (along a specific street and / or neighborhood which will be planned in advance)
- Weed pulling (at the request of parents)
- Assortment of trash into recyclable and non-recyclable groups (at the request of parents) - helping others make a difference!
- Cleaning out or washing empty bottles, containers, etc, for home use
- Donations of nature-friendly alternative products, including:
Reusable bottles (this is more of a financial concern than environmental, but it still reduces the use of plastic, which is made using oil - a nonrenewable fossil fuel)
Recycled paper / bottles
Reusable plastic containers (to replace plastic bags which are often used for packing lunches)

3) Nature-friendly school - a proposal of several adjustments to be made in consideration of the environment, both for environmental purposes and the provision of volunteer opportunities to other students; since this school year is almost over, I planned on having these changes introduced for the 2012-2013 school year.

(a) Gardening club
- Teaching students the proper techniques required for gardening
- Involvement in the environment
- Volunteer opportunities (ex. managing gardens at museums, for the elderly, etc.)

(b) The use of products made from recycled paper (tissues, paper towels, toilet paper, etc.)
- Although the costs of recycled paper products may be higher, there should be lower expenditure overall
- Even if these products are not recycled, it still constitutes participation in an environmentally friendly campaign by being the ones to reuse them

(c) Switching to reusable silverware and plates
Metal utensils rather than plastic ones, as well as plastic / stoneware plates rather than styrofoam trays
- Slows down the use of plastic, which is made from a non-renewable oil supply
- Saves money by cutting down on large-scale purchases of utensils and trays
- Can provide volunteer opportunities for students:
Donations of utensils and plates
- Several systems to ensure that all utensils and plates are returned
Collateral exchange
Leave plates at table to be collected before leaving
Cafeteria coupons
Free jeans day coupons

Areas affected by this project:
- Cape Coral Yacht Club (beach/street cleanup)
Date: April 20, 2012 Views: 3021 File size: 18.9kb, 294.0kb : 1280 x 960
Hours Volunteered: 4
Volunteers: 1
Authors Age & Age Range of Volunteers: 15
Area Restored for Native Wildlife (hectares): 1 - 3
Trash Removed/Recycled from Environment (kg): 13
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