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NWP Global Registry of Apprentice Ecologists - West High School, Davenport, Iowa, USA

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West High School, Davenport, Iowa, USA
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Registered: December 2011
City/Town/Province: Davenport
Posts: 1
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Turning into my schools parking lot each morning would send shivers down my spine. The normal greeting was numerous grocery bags blowing around in the wind, and McDonaldís plastic cups rolling down the sidewalks. Scraps of papers, articles of clothing, and sometimes things that I honestly canít even identify, can be found in Westís parking lot.
Itís hard to admit, but I was ashamed of the way my school looked. Every other aspect of West was amazing and had so much to offer, but on the exterior we looked sloppy and trashy.
It has always saddened me to see how lazy some students can be. Although the trash bin and the recycling bin are a short walk away, it is much easier to toss your trash to the side. I understand this; I understand why people choose to liter. And I feel as though it is my calling to convince people not to. Mother Earth is a woman whom we all share, and I would never, and will never, let Ďlazy studentsí disrespect my mother.
Grabbing my backpack out of my car, I looked around the parking lot. Candy wrappers covered the pavement; it looked as if someone has broken a giant piŮata. I was disgusted. I knew that I could pick up the trash alone, but it would take quite a bit of time. I thought to myself that a little help is always accepted. So, I told anyone who would listen, that after school I was going to pick up every straw and every cigarette butt, and I didnít care how long it was going to take.
School let out and as the lot began to clear; it was evident that even more trash had accumulated. Two of my friends joined me, and we dubbed ourselves the ďPicker UppersĒ. I didnít count the number of trash bags we filled, but I am positive the number is in the double digits. It was exhausting, no doubt, but it was by far the most productive way I could have spent that evening. I didnít get any sort of award. I didnít receive any recognition. Actually, Iím not even sure that many people noticed. But it needed to be done, and truthfully, I find picking up trash to be quite relaxing.
The next morning I parked my car and looked around. I noticed some flowers that I had never noticed before. The school was beautiful. That was my reward. I was proud to call this place my school, and proud of what I had accomplished.
Of course, the parking lot didnít stay immaculate forever. But I havenít let the trash accumulate to how bad it once was. I often find myself filling up another bag of liter, and another. There is something I have noticed though, when my peers see me picking up the trash they stop and stare for a moment. I can only assume that they are asking themselves, ďWhy is she doing that? Itíll only fill up with trash again.Ē Whatís important is that the students see that action is being taken. When they see me outside picking up trash, they will surly think twice about throwing that Gatorade bottle out their window.
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