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NWP Global Registry of Apprentice Ecologists - Rufiji River Delta, Tanzania

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Rufiji River Delta, Tanzania
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Registered: March 2011
City/Town/Province: dar es salaam
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Since I was involved in leading in our secondary school and collages in group of student influenced many student to join the group clubs called “Mali Hai Club” I was involved in addressing issues of HIV /AIDS and the different topic which discussed in concerning with matters in English speaking campaigns and other were in making students to be aware with the transmission, effects and causes of HIV /AIDS and environmental issues in every Friday and hence we were much interested in the build up of environment since we planted trees in our school and even when I went to high school and collage now we are to influence many of our fellows who in one way or another they are much involved in the issue concerned .The decision made much influenced the colleges to volunteer in this way to improve the given situation of the environment .In the given club as the chair person in the given time is what made me to continue now for development of different project in my areas so this below is one of the project in the mean time project which is explained on how to volunteer to cope with the problem of waste management
The development planned project I plan is to be accomplished in eight months with the first month of operation targeted to build of landfill. The landfill is conducted be of average in size.10hectre. A hatchery is situated at Bwenjuu Island in the Mafia Island Marine Park in this way many volunteers are expected to be involved in the given problem of solid waste management
The Rufiji River delta is the largest block of mangrove forest (mangroves) on the eastern African coast. The delta is linked to the interior river system by an extensive flood plain about 130km long and more than 20km wide. It is also linked to a system of ocean currents and coral reefs. The mangroves provide a unique ecosystem that displays dynamics of a flood plain and delta system as expressed by changes in mud and silt deposition, major fresh water outlets, and the creation of oxbow lakes, local flooding patterns, salt water intrusion etc. The mangroves provide an inter tidal fishery, serve as nursery grounds and breeding areas for the prawn industry for the locals and produce large quantities of mangrove poles for export. Mangroves protect the coastline from waves and currents and thus prevent coastal erosion. Through their retention of sediments brought downstream by rivers, they extend the coastland into the ocean. As they are highly productive elements of the marine ecosystem, mangroves generate large quantities of detritus, which form the basis of a complex marine food web thus making them a unique ecosystem that is rich in floral and fauna biodiversity in both freshwater and saline environments. The delta has been utilized over the years by the Rufiji people basically relying on fishing, mangrove poles and rice farming for their sustenance. The present population living in the delta is 35 000 people. The African Fishing Company Ltd (AFC), a subsidiary of Tannol Holding Ltd. of Korea, intends to develop a prawn farm covering about 6,000ha of surface water, with grow out ponds on 10 000ha of land. The proposed location of the prawn farm is within the Rufiji delta and the downstream end of the flood plain. The proposed farm will consist of production ponds plus water pumping stations, and supply and drainage canals. Staff quarters, and storage facilities for the materials and supplies will be built close to the farm. The target species for shrimp aquaculture is Penaeus monodon. AFC plans to employ semi-intensive production methods at farm level management.

Social cultural issues
Significance Negative Impacts on the areas
socio-economic impact of uncontrolled dumping, Loss of local recreational use, Reduction in local property value, Resettlement of population directly displaced by the landfill, increased social conflicts between those who are for the project and those against it, Loss of flora and fauna habitats, Increased traffic congestion along the haulage routes, Air quality impacts along haulage routes, Traffic noise along the haulage routes, Littering during waste transit.
Ecology Impacts Negative
Loss of flora and fauna habitats, Loss of protected or endangered species, Severance of wildlife corridors
Positive impacts
Creation of new habitats (post-restoration)
Off-site Traffic Impact Negative
Increased traffic congestion along the haulage routes, Air quality impacts along haulage routes, Traffic noise along the haulage routes, Littering during waste transit
Air Quality Impacts
Odor impacts from site activities on placement of waste and materials, Vehicle exhausts emissions from on-site vehicle movements, Dust from initial construction activities, Dust from ongoing construction activities, Effects from emission of greenhouse gases Positive Moderate

Visual, Landscape and Amenity Impact
Loss of visual amenity during site operation, Visual impact of site restoration, Windblown litter impacts,

Hydrology, Hydrogeology and Water Quality Impacts, Negative
Risk of contamination of water resources from leachate emission, Reduced risk of water, resource contamination from uncontrolled dumping, Modification of water storage capacity, Increased risk of flooding downstream of site, Contamination of water resources by suspended solids, Contamination of water resources by fuel spillage

Significance economic positive Impact

Return of land to productive use (post restoration) the landfill will be restored and returned to its former Productive use. There may be some potential for crop. Diversification and improved productivity in other activities like in agriculture and industrial activities
Creation of local volunteers opportunities, There will be significant opportunities workers resulting from the development of the landfill. This will be mainly during the initial construction phase of the landfill, but also ongoing through the lifetime of the site. There appears to be a significant local labor pool available to take up such employment.
Wider economic benefits construction of the landfill will result in a significant boost to the development of the waste management and associated industry in the area.
Reduction of socio-economic impact of uncontrolled dumping. A survey confirmed that there were currently significant socio-economic impacts from existing dump sites. Given the limited availability of open land for dumping, this impact is likely to intensify over the coming years.
Reduced health risk from uncontrolled dumping the existing health impact from open dump sites is anticipated to be of moderate significance at present. This impact is, however, likely to intensify over the coming years example water borne diseases like cholera and others
Reduced risk of water resource contamination from uncontrolled dumping Moderate Anecdotal evidence suggests that there is an existing impact on water resources from open dump sites. The risk of contamination of the groundwater aquifers is likely to intensify unless sanitary landfill practices are adopted.
Effects from emission of greenhouse gases an efficient landfill gas collection system is proposed as part of the development. This will minimize emissions of methane into the environment, with the consequent reduction in greenhouse potential

Date: March 21, 2011 Views: 6890 File size: 25.3kb, 66.4kb : 576 x 432
Hours Volunteered: 50
Volunteers: 30
Authors Age & Age Range of Volunteers: 15 & 20 to 27
Area Restored for Native Wildlife (hectares): 10
Trash Removed/Recycled from Environment (kg): 90
Native Trees Planted: 40
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Registered: March 2012
City/Town/Province: Chhisti-3, Baglung
Posts: 1
March 6, 2012 7:01am

People! You are doing very good work...Actually, I do not have the proper words to describe your work..Love you People!