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Nicodemus Wilderness Project
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Nicodemus Wilderness Project

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Photo Gallery of Environmental Cleanup Projects (Ghana, Africa)
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Nicodemus Wilderness Project partners with the Gbawe Youth Club for Cleanup

Gbawe Youth Club Leaders Help Engage Young Volunteers in Cleanup

Walking through Gbawe Community to Cleanup Sites


Youth Environmental Litter Cleanup

Youth Remove Litter and Educate Local Citizens about Cleanup

Heavily Littered Natural Areas


Youth Become Part of the Solution

Discarded Garbage and Waste

Local Citizens Get Involved


Litter is Gathered and Removed

Youth Work in Team
s on Different Areas

Youth Wear Project Gloves and Masks Supplied by NWP


View of the Natural Beauty of Ghana Near Project Sites

Litter is Gathered and Disposed of Properly

Volunteers Work throughout the Villages and Surrounding Areas


A Team of Youth Volunteers

Litter is Disposed after the Cleanup

Celebration of the Cleanup Projects


Trees are Planted and Monitored for Survival

A Successful Litter Cleanup Day

Youth Leaders Encourage Kids to get Involved


The Nicodemus Wilderness Project and Gbawe Youth Club Team Together for a Successful Litter and Environmental Cleanup in Ghana (Africa)