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NWP Global Registry of Apprentice Ecologists - Stephenson High School, Stonemountain, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

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Stephenson High School, Stonemountain, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
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Registered: December 2010
City/Town/Province: Lithonia
Posts: 2
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Hi my name is Jasmine. I am 17 years old. I am a senior and I attend Stephenson High School. And at my school in my Economic classroom we recycle. I love to recycle and I also thinks it's a beautiful thing. Recycling change my life a lot, because I use to not recycle. Until my teacher told my class about recycling. When I recycle I know I'm not killing myself or others around me. When I make a difference everyday of saving plants or reusing bottles or containers I know I made a change. In my class we recycle bottles, containers, glass, paper, and etc..We also recycle food to homeless people in need. Every time when I see one of my classmates recycle a bottle inside the recycling cart I see a smile on there face. I know that it's a great thing. I have recycle more than 200 times in my class. Also I bring back bottles that I find in the hallway or at lunch. When my teacher see's me bringing back things that can be recycle she tells me " Out of all my students you are one special person that loves to recycle and cares about the environment." When I hear that from other people I know and I feel like I have accomplish many things. I also think it's very important to take care of my school. Because If we don't things will effect our school. But not just my school but other things and other houses around it. Doing a project with my class and myself help my environment to becoming more healthy and better. Saving the environment impacted my life to become a better person in recycling and saving the world. I know that if I keep recycling my future will be better than my past if I keep pushing myself and others to help recycle, I know there will be a change in the world and not just myself. Together I know if we bring everybody together to save the earth we will have a better FUTURE!
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